Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

Hello chat


Leak suggested F2 but I don’t know if that means Fox 3 is coming or not…

Will they fix the damage model of all tank bullets? We will have to continue putting up with this horrendous and unbearable garbage.

Two arguments in total yes one from 12 GMT to 4 and another for a few hours.

How it’s ended in a potential Canadian tech tree lol

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Leaker was mistaken :(

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Still 50/50.

Better evidence is the Swedish Gripen C that is confirmed coming this update. But there isn’t much reason to add it without AMRAAM currently

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oh right, yeah forgot that wheelie one
still, the meme stands …
how the game still has the Brit TT without the CVRTs?


How were they mistaken? Allegedly same leaker that predicted last 2 updates

According to a more invested friend of mine the leak was supposed to be f20 not f2

the mistake was refered to the denying of the F-20


We really need an EAP skin for the Gripen

But apparently there is something nice coming to Japanese air this update

oh god lol

Ah okay, i took a look over the list and it actually doesn’t include F-2

Starting off on a great foot.


that list isn’t all that is coming

It’s a meme he will never escape from now

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How the worlds 2 premier operators of light tanks/ifv’s can have like 2 light tanks each is its own question.


Of course, just that the leak list containing F-2 was not from the same person allegedly(?)