Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

Sound like to me one tree is going to get the actual Canadian one and one props going to get the same but under a different name.

@StormRyder13 Is there a production name for the Leo 2A4M or a nickname ?

No as its just modification but i still can see German get a plain non Candian one or something


i would have no problem with that

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there is not a non canadian version i think, it was a modification designed by KMW on the request for canada, not sure we had any "prototypes " of it in germany itself. Well at least shown of ones. Internaly propably

From what I was told there is much like that.

Canada bought 2A4Ms and then requested some upgrades which made it the CAN version.

If it is something that is just not the general 2A4M CAN they could do a reskin-like one based on one used by:

A premium one in Thatz’s tree. (that I just stole)


Yeah but who knows with Gajin and Premiums
Like the M1 KVT is the wrong tank

I can see a plain one going to Germany

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That’s probably it then the non upgraded one to Germany and the Canadian one and that the issue lol 😂

The non upgraded one is just a normal A4 so i dont think so


upgraded one is designed by germany as well, 2a4m makes no sense

for what nation the canadian leo is going for?

not quite gets the stupid mine plate

thats the question everyone is asking


M1 KVT doesn’t exist in the 1st place. It’s not a specific vehicle but general idea of modifying the tank for OPFOR purposes. Literally every Abrams could be M1 KVT

I forgot but the upgrade is everything other then the mine plate

To Sweden, of course, im sure everyone would be fine with that :)



what BR do you think it can be?

11.3 most likely, thats why it doesnt make sense for UK

The one its based on was a M1A1 the one with the 120mm

New nation CBT pack boys rrrreeee lol