Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

was there? I dont remember a naval one?

IOG is more like a final insurance, lock on ground is stll lock, it will hit where you want accuratedly.
12-13km target lock range os enough in every situation, you don’t need to do the snipe thing, it’s for things like kh29 or agm65b

oh right yeah SMS Baden

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@Smin1080p this is very close to my suggestion. I assume this has been long planned.

Regardless, please pass my thanks to all community management staff! Very exciting!


where are these from?

ha, interesting

Couple of things to note here.

  • This is just the WIP interface. Not necessarily indicating what’s coming next in the tree
  • The lines indicate the bonus being achieved towards another nation.

i gave u the link earlier xD

Yeah man, they’re already jumping to the F-35A/C

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theres a new forum post if you would just go a bit up in here you would see it

NAH, definitly the rank 9 announcement

It has, just as I said last week, we can’t say things until we can. Now we can :)

Thanks for your feedback.


so its only going to be a forum post? or will there be a dev blog/news post for this when its ready?

It’s true that JA37D it’s supersonic fighter aircraft but another subsonic fighter and modern 3rd generation fighter with active radar homing BVRAAM armed IR AAM with IRCCM except JA37D Viggen

USMC AV-8B+ armament loadout from Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom look like AV-8B+ in italy tech tree but italian navy never ordered AGM-65E Maverick

I guess Tornado F3 FSP would be 12.7 BR (Air AB, Air RB & Air SB)

When gaijin add attack aircraft in rank VIII for USA tech tree and compared Su-25SM3 ?

These types of CM posts will be on the forum only.


“↓” produces errors, they are not on the same line, it is clear that this is fan mapping, and the pixels are not fine-tuned sufficiently with a magnifying glass when using PS

my guy, its from an official war thunder blog

Also is it just me, or does the whole ammorack will be first stage for 2S38?

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This is a design mockup from our designers, not actually implemented. As Smin said they point towards the words “Daily bonus to researching aircraft of other nations [?]”.


nah looks like there is some ammo space under the first stage but in that picture they didnt take full ammo