Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

thanks to dontkev for digging it up from the files for me


That ground lock has much greater range. So you can fire off a volley and you may hit, you may not. Considering SPAA cant move whilst shooting, if they are dealing with a threat. Then maybe you can snipe SPAA just using the IOG

We also have JDAMs in the game files btw, from the implementation of EJ Kai


And F-15A too!

So… F-18, F-16C and something else confirmed?

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They said so in the new post

Its real?

oh yeah

what new post?

The next vehicle event is coming soon, and I know many are expecting a naval vehicle for this one. However, it will be a ground vehicle and it’s one I’m personally looking forward to.

Yeah, I mean, it kinda spells churchill AVRE ngl.


na will be sea vessel


bruh come on gaijin we havent had a single naval one yet and I think only one air

there was a naval one and 2 airs

New tank leaked?!?!?!?!?!?!


US tree too :P

IMO its just pointing the “daily bonus to researching aircraft for other nations” where you need the 3 planes researched to achieve it (all 3 arrows blue)

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That is not true there was this one already, which is part of the Cycle

was there? I dont remember a naval one?