Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 3)

Can KH38s be fired at terrain instead of locked onto a target?

They also have IOG right?

It shouldn’t tho, that’s just a placeholder I believe

the missle is exactly like the IR missle, it only has a changed seeker head

Target acquisition is different, also I am not sure what they will do with multipathing
Also isn’t radar variant is 14km range?

I love these wacky funny meme troll machines.


yes, so as other missiles. IOG is only for kh38. when lost track, agm65 and other missile self destruct, kh38 keep fly with iog. But it’s not quite accurate, and since you found it and smoked, you will move, it can’t hit in most situation. The speed is more important

realy teasing sth behind f16c xD and f14b?

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Lot’s of Kifir there

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next event is a ground vehicle???

F/A-18 Confirmed !?

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Lemme destroy that autoloader


what smin was talking about CM Covert Disclosures: What We’re Up To & News

No, it have secret stalinum all around it, it’s impossible to damage autoloader

thanks to dontkev for digging it up from the files for me


That ground lock has much greater range. So you can fire off a volley and you may hit, you may not. Considering SPAA cant move whilst shooting, if they are dealing with a threat. Then maybe you can snipe SPAA just using the IOG

We also have JDAMs in the game files btw, from the implementation of EJ Kai


And F-15A too!

So… F-18, F-16C and something else confirmed?

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They said so in the new post