Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

Had GJN seen what a direct hit from a maverick looks like? If all that explosive energy was converted perfectly into the HEAT jet, it would be traveling a significant fraction of the speed of light and be unstoppable.

One rule for thee another for me.

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Sorry Relikt will actually be used to stop the heat death of the universe hence why it can stop your weasily little AGM-65s


I am hoping for J-12. Indigenous chinese jet with performance possibly comparable to F-100s and Mig-19s. Why it wasn’t added to the Chinese tree years ago I have no clue.

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Dunno, even Kontakt seems to hardcounter tandem heat these days (Spike, Pars vs TURMS). Thats why I always fire 3 Pars per tank. First removes the ERA. Second does some damage, third finishes off the already injured crew inside the turret. Sad, but true. (Vikhr or Kornet usually instagib).

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Praying for devblogs this week, and hopefully even one today since Friday was empty

Morning everyone, what are our chances of a dovbleg today?

Depends on the ATGM ive found, and Spike/Pars is more a issue of F&F being crap in WT because they just aim for the worst parts to hit lol.

I say 60%

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I’d say a 75% chance unless something doesnt go to plan, ie a hickup in coding or 3D department prevents them having whatever it is in a solid enough state to show off.

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this week, definitly yes, 75% today, i am not to sure about that.
Prediction currently seems to say tmw

Generaly there was that behaviour of war thunder not liking monday dev blogs or sth like that

Let just ask
@Smin1080p will we be blessed with a blog in next 3 days

well this week should be easy

Someone post the praying rat gif so we can summon a dovbleg

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Improved it

Imagine if those that created the fake leak lists opted for un-convincing ones…

I can’t wait for the anti-fragmentation crap and the Swedes to be nerfed

I think you’ll be waiting for a long time then lmao.

If anything there will likely be more vehicles with spall liners. Aren’t the Arietes supposed to be getting them in one of the future updates?

the PSO & vilkas is supposed to get chassis spall liners, but didnt hear anything about arietes


I know. It is sad. Because this mechanic is absolutely broken, even an absolute loser can survive being hit, sometimes even without significant damage (and sometimes without at all)

I found it:

“We’re currently studying and adding spall liners for Ariete tanks. These tanks will receive spall liners in a future update.”

So that is already 5-6 (depending if they also add spall liners to the 10.3 Ariete(P)) in the near future. So yeah that guy will be waiting for a while.