Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

and thats next month i mean

yes, see a devblog exemple:

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The devblogs won’t be ready until morale improves

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I’ll be honest. That’s a pretty effective way to get the RxR thread to grind to a halt.

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I don’t think they care. If anything this thread generates a lot of hype because some “content creators” report on every single post made by a CM here


At this rate, we will reach Part 3 before the first devblog drops


I am clearly referring to the two men in the helicopter.

95% hitrate on supersonic snl targets… Also turns like a mofo, meaning the SARH variant is very useful in any aspect in sim. Most people, at the BR where the aim-4 would find itself, would get hit that way.

Also…don’t look at Vietnam war stats (wrong fire control system, wrong SOP’s). Bad rep the falcon couldn’t shed until now. Just look at Gaijin’s opinion on it.

They should report on me.

Im funny.

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Amateurs. I think we hit part 4 last time

Some people who post slop with AI thumb nails… they like to report every fake list, in the most monotone voice possible

Some people also allowed CP in their discord server. And I don’t mean croissant posting.

Yeah you guys did mange to get to part 4 Due to (Reasons)

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Why cant they discuss the leak lists? Are we not allowed to discuss the leak lists?

Leak lists that are completely fake, that everybody knows are fake.

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There one thing we all agree to have a ban on

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I dont understand. Why cant those be discussed? I have seen them discussed on here plenty of times

At this rate we will see GTA-6 before the first dev-blog.

Give it a week or two.

They can, just usually no point after a credible leak list has been leaked