Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 2)

If your first born is a virgin goat that has birthed a twins… …then yes

Apparantly few months ago there was group of players that tried to make better K/D for Italian Ariete MBTs

Well I am not actively involved nor am I very good at playing these tanks, but I did unintentionally join the plot by playing with my friend which were working on a variety of top tier at the time - and without a question brought the WR kinda high.

I think the RAF CL-13s should be TT with the CAC Saber being a premium/squad.

I’m not saying for Canada to replace Native British light vehicles, i’m merely suggesting that Britain can receive Canadian light vehicles (Canada focused more on lighter vehicles for our Military in modern day), the only real modern Medium tanks that are available are the Centurion and the Leopard. WW2 wise, Canada can provide a decent amount of Medium tanks.
Yeah I get where you’re coming from, I happened to see that now as well, but in the long run, it was still a Canadian licensed/modified Sabre.
Germany sold their CL-13s and gave them to Iran, and Iran gave them to Pakistan, so similar situation


That’s sad that they don’t want to make CL-13 mk.4 and few more Italian jets a bit more unique. They could add ingenious Sispre C-7 missiles.

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Gaijin when? Double Commonwealth Zinger there

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Which shouldn’t come for the next 2-3 update at least.

The biggest issue is space, right now gaijin has limited trees to 5 lines width and 3 vehicles depth, meaning we can have 15 vehciles per rank excluding folders.

Personally Im against excessive foldering and should be limited to similar variants of vehicles such as Centurions Mk.5 being foldered with Mk.3 and Fox (Milan) being foldered with the Fox.

I also strongly advocate for a canadian/CANZAC Tree instead of commonwealth vehciles being crammed into the british tree where there isnt the room to be actually used to their full potential, we have largely seen that with South Africa

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I was specifically referring to you. You said this.

Then dont cry “off topic” when i snap back at you?

This is what I mean you taking a joke way too far

This was my point @Deathmisser some people can’t tell


Noted to be as sarcastic as a 5 year old XD

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So if youre just here to mess with people, then, going forwards, i dont have to take anything you say seriously.


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Give me mig-25 pretty please with sugar on top

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Alright calm it lol

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Dont run from the consequences of the things you say.

oh no the consequences of saying mig29k to UK the horror


Not my fault people can’t see jokes without emojis.

End of warning.

Is this suitable for you ?