Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

I was about to slap you, your lucky.


I’m gonna slap someone today

The council

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copuim time


Very much so

Gaijin suddenly adding rank 8 premium proves to me they can do whatever unexpected move the want so from me there is never “can’t” so you are definitely right about that!

French players: “Hey Gaijin, everybody (i know for italy, but at least they have a cool gun) have one or more cool modern MBT premium, can we have some with cool camo net too ?”

Gaijin : “No, we don’t add top premium, and also you lack a lineup for premiums”

French players: “But… You didn’t work at all on this lacking lineup for years, and everybody have cool premium now…”

Gaijin: “No. Anyway, here a top premium US plane !”

I think they don’t want to add us a cool premium because it would make what France need : lower the stats. It’s theses “stats” that make France hard to play, higher BR, higher repair cost, and less work since less players because it can be really hard. Theses stats are always their main excuse to nerf everything.

Add a cool premium that would lower the stats of the nation and bring more players, and they should have to work on the ground tree more, i guess that’s the hidden reason why they don’t care and did once again their horrible dual standard.

Hope they add soon a cool Mirage 2000 premium, and a Leclerc.


Oui, for sure. Would love that.

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It would be more useful than all cr2 on top tier. XD

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now now don’t be so harsh

Probably he is right tho

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A Swiss one to Germany mahahahaha

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switzerland never used it. But china could get it through taiwan. India operated them aswell so maybe britain if gaijin wants to have a meltdown


their is a lot more French stuff that we can get from South Africa

Mirage IIIS with AIM-4’s :)


maybe every plane with laser guided gbu should also get TV guided bombs(gbu8 for example)

Can anyone explain this section?
Screenshot 2024-03-15 21.59.04

probably like an Amazon wishlist

I guess it’s might be a way to gauge to see how many want that one vehicle.

But that a guess

Another useless thing. They could have fixed some bugs instead

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Would be a good squadron vehicle for France