Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 1)

You know what, time to suggest a universal carrier with WASP
I goddamn love flamethrower tanks

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I’ve never given much thought to YTer opinions, especially when it comes to technical background things. I used to hold a flight instructor rating and can’t hear a YTer talk about aerodynamics or performance without making atleast one mistake so never give it much thought. Except Defyn, he’s too damn funny and understands more than he lets on I think.

They are usefull as people sitting behind their computers all day scouring community leaks etc.


Indeed. I just want the 2Pdr Universal Carrier.

Like, look at this thing. I love it.




Enlisted has you covered there too:

But flamethrower-tanks w/o effective regular guns will likely not become playable here in WT, if they even come at all. This recent comment from @magazine2 echoes what was said abt the possibility of the KhT-130 and Pz.II F when they were found in the files here, ahead of being added to Enlisted.

Remind me the gun on the Lorraine 37L on the first picture somehow ^^

Cute tank

Eh my computer isnt very happy for more games, but I will take a note.
I mean they can work, I recently put up this post, and because it only fits in at 1.0, it can always gaurntee itself roasting AAs playing FPS, like flakpanzer 1 or ta-se, i suppose.
Not so much about shermans, theyre way too armored for 1.0.

Ignore your computer and embrace GTFO

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AIM-120A and B would be identical in WT just saying

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You guy’s think we have any chance of seeing this in the next update? It could be after the strela.



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Would be a rather welcome addition

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theyre both from the chinese guy, the 2nd 3rd and 4th are just from a messenger, considering ur in the server u should know

i wouldnt count on it, while yes they are trying to impersonate, it can very well may be a disguise since olivia is a known leaker

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Right, value added because I personally had no clue how it scaled along the alphabet.

Any idea how the differed? WT always adds new mechanics so might make a difference at some point.

How long do you think we will have to wait to be able to bring our top tier aircraft into naval battles RB??? Would love to see some decent missile ships (sorry I know very little about naval) for all nations.

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Yeah man, would love that too. Intercepting cruise missiles etc with aircraft would be swell.



yeah I know and yes I am from the server

it was kinda a simplification on my part

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It would be nice at the same BR, it’s radio control only, no offensive weaponry…

Let me just tell you that difference between AIM-120A and B was smaller than between AIM-7F and AIM-7M

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