Next Major Update - Rumor Round-Up and Discussion (Part 1)

I made my post about them when they dropped, but my god they’re so easily abused while at the same time making communication as difficult as possible.



Dev will probs start next week

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It’s to late then as they got like 3 weeks max from the first blog to when the update drops

I’m gonna laugh so hard if the F-18 won’t come this update. Just not sure when the laughting turns from laughing about no F-18 to maniacally laughing.

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hungary air got denied for this update

Sentence them to play France?

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You do realise a sub-tree isn’t a guarantee that every vehicle from the sub-nation is added, right?

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It p much guarentees that the sub-nation 's vehicles will not be added anyplace else, so it 's only a matter of time nd priorities after that point.

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Dude it’s the most Morden aircraft Hungary has the fact that the Gripen was mentioned says that the Gripen will be added to Italy

It was only mentioned in the question part of the Q&A, not in the answer. That doesn’t guarantee anything

Pretty confident in saying ASRAAM and AIM9 work on the same rails
Plus CSP mounted AIM9Ms

Yeah, the CSP/FSP still were capable of deploying AIM-9s, they just didn’t carry them into combat

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The update will probably drop on the 19th, so they’ll still have about 4 weeks if they don’t start until Monday.
Still, ~4 weeks isn’t a long time if its supposed to be a big update.

4 weeks isn’t long to wait if it means the UK becomes a usable nation lmao

Dude like seriously if Sweden is getting it in this update then at some point when the air tree does come the Gripen will come as well as it’s will be the crown of the tech tree.

And Hungary is a nation they said so in the update release video. Not giving Hungary the Gripen is like not adding a F-16 for the US.

Yeah nah mate, the US not getting a F-16 and a sub-tree not getting a foreign aircraft isn’t similar at all

Re-read it again I said it was like not adding an F-16 for the US if the US tech tree was added now

You can put down the popcorn for now. We are not quite there yet.