Newport News autoloader

Why are max crew skills required to get 6rpm? Any other autoloader is unaffected by the reload skill, skills should just affect first stage ammo Re supply

On what

If I had to guess based on the title, Newport News.

On topic though, autoloaders aren’t modeled in naval yet. All ships with autoloading guns are dependent on crew skills.

Oh naval no wonder i had no clue what he was on about

You are in a naval category 😂

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Clearly i can’t read my bad

Only guns firing “belt” ammunition are considered as “autoloader” as you refer to. All weapons that load the ammo one after another individually are affected by crew skill, this is by game design.

Also, Des Moines class doesn’t have first stage ammo

Tanks like the t80 don’t use belts and they still get it, 6 second reload from an “autoloader” like this ship has eliminates crew factor because the gun will reload the same regardless of who is running it

So basically every vehicle in the game? What vehicle does not “load the ammo one after another individually”?

Why is that relevant?

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because the gun still need crew to put shell and powder from rack to hoist. The ‘real autoloader’ in naval, which some cold war 3-inch has, has its ready rack and automized process from ‘ready rack’ to ‘ammo elevator’. Filling ready rack needs human power irl, but it’s different story.

On the Des moines classes’ 8-inch however, doesn’t have ready rack, and it need human power from shell room and magazine from ammo elevator.

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so at minimum the capacity of the hoist should be considered “first stage” like in a tank since it is already full and wont be affected by human timing until its depleted.

If this is relevant, why do ships like the Pr.56, which do have a first-stage ammo rack and an autoloader in real life depend on crew skills?

That goes completely against how the ammo and reloads are handled. But maybe we could rework the reload mechanic for all ships.

Make it sequential so the reload consist of two stages:

  1. Ammo delivery by hoists
  2. Ramming into the guns

And make these processes independent from each other, sort of like you suggest creating pseudo 1st stage ammo storage which holds just up to the number of hoists and guns can only reload only from this ammorack.

This would be much more realistic, it would also better simulate the automatic loader systems.
And lastly make the us standards more realistic (slight buff) since it should allow two of three guns to fire considerably faster.

Now that I think about it I will make suggestion about this.


Question (slight off topic to the USS Newport News but you peak my interest) Why is that even a thing? The belts why are they all belts? For some of the belts can cost ridiculous amounts in game negating nearly all SL earning for some ships all while the shells preform poorly yet when you look at the x-rays they show convention loading systems & have ready racks next to the mounts.

Yet for some ships that have similar weapons that are autoloading yet they’re with single shells with non existence costs & feed through convention loading systems as well.

Take example for the Top part the Ayanami class destroyer JDS Ayanami DD-103 & for the bottom the Sentry Ship Project 159 SKR-1.

Why do the devs pick & choose what ships are considered autoloaders with belts while other automatic cannons have seperate shells?

there are nothing on hoist before loading procedure start

Maybe the hoist storage at 6 seconds and have it constantly replenish at the crew skill rate?

The hoist fills up to the turret house not 1 shell at a time, this would cause a far greater reload than 6 seconds lol

Please let me remind you guys a fact that all naval high calibre guns are “autoloader” if you call Des Moines an autoloader. There’s no essential difference between them as all of them require personnel to load the projectiles and propellant charges into the loading mechanism and then all other procedures are done by powered assistance. The only difference is that a Rapid Firing gun system is capable of going through all the procedures in relatively short time, and, in case of Dual Purpose systems such as the ones observed on HMS Tiger and USS Roanoke, be capable of loading at any elevation angle. That’s why navies never had such category of so called “auto loader” but instead using words like rapid firing or quick firing to distinguish them. Autoloader is a tank concept and has nothing to do with naval game design.

The first “autoloader” (if you insist to call it in this way) in game was HMS Tiger introduced in spring 2019, nearly five years ago, so there’s no point of specifically develop an individual game mechanic just to differentiate Des Moines.

Sorry but you are disingenuous here.

The Des Moines are very much different from the standart large caliber guns, while you would normally have power assists for ramming ect. the shell transfer/powder transfer was still manual. DM on other hand has the ramming fully automatic so the human only needs to load the shells into the hoists.

As opposed to also having to transfer them from hoists to rammers.

Also for your information while they might have not used term “Auto loading” they very much used term “Automatic”.

As to the other point regarding special mechanic just for DM, I agree.

But I think that splitting the loading cycle into 2 - Hoists and Ramming - would be helpful, make sense and would apply to all ships. It would also allow to differentiate between guns with automatic ramming and without it.