'new with jets any advice

I am beginning my jet era with this plane any advice to take into account? what does mean the ACQ in the bottom right corner? I appreciate any advice

The ACQ is gun ranging radar - essentially useless

Not going to try to offer advice on jets other than read the Wiki articles on each and try to stick to hte strengths mentioned there - I’m still trying to get it right myself!

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Jets work best at higher speeds, the engine is less efficient when slow, so energy fighting is the name of the game!

can I do BnZ? I am bad using my energy

In certain situations sure, but the problem is as you try to ascend it’ll put you in a vulnerable position to get third partied. The thing with jets is that even if you’re paying attention and think you have the space to do something like that before you know it the enemy that was 3km away is suddenly right up your tail pipe. Especially the futher into jets you get, going vertical just leaves you vulnerable so mostly what i end up doing is making longer passes say through the furball and then extend to give myself room to gain speed/climb again.


I think 1 of hte things I’ve found (am finding) with jets is that “dogfighting” is really different at high speeds, and quite hard to do - it seems the best attack are set up from quite a long way out, and then you need an exit strategy to get out and set up for another one.

The temptation to turn “just a little bit more - he’s nearly in my sights” is quite often fatal for me, not the other guy!

What you’re describing differs very heavily depending on the plane. Some planes do really well at high speeds, others struggle immensely with it. It is really important that you figure out what kind of character your plane has, and then always play to it’s advantages.

The ingame wiki has become a very good tool to help you with that, it goes into great lengths to explain your plane and also offers various helpful details like optimal turning speed and so forth.

damn man I follow ur advice and I improve alot