New visual effects in the Sons of Attila update!

Today, we’d like to share with you some of the new features and effects coming to War Thunder in the upcoming “Sons of Attila” major update!

New trees and wind effects

We’re introducing a brand new technology for the trees present on Ground Forces battlefields. Now tree branches and trunks will sway and move with the same wind forces that already impact smoke and weather during battles. In calmer situations, trees will be still and motionless. However, with gusty and stormy winds present, trees will move and bend depending on how strong the wind is!

Shots and explosions

In our efforts to make tank battles even more spectacular, the game will now have new effects for the discharge of powder gasses after every shot. Prolonged bursts of machine gun fire and autocannons now also lead to reddening of the barrels due to heating. The effects of hits to enemy vehicles have also been improved. Fuel leaking from burning tanks can also pour onto the ground in burning jets, and each explosion leads to the formation of a cloud of dust raised from the ground by a shock wave! We have also improved the visual effect of smoke munitions detonating.

Destroyable ammo and decorators

Now all external ammunition on vehicles, be it smoke grenades or bombs on aircraft suspensions, can be hit and destroyed by enemy fire. External ammunition can be destroyed without detonation (in this case it will be subtracted from the total ammunition load), detonated (with the standard parameters for damaging its warhead) or set on fire. The probability of a particular event depends on the power of the damaging factors of the hit projectile — the more powerful, the greater the likelihood of an explosion. So even well-aimed machine gun fire or a high-explosive shell that hits a tank can trigger its smoke grenades, and the enemy will find himself inside his own smoke screen. Lastly, if installed decorators are hit by enemy fire, they can also be destroyed!

Aircraft voice warning systems

On modern aircraft, voice informant warnings will now be present on those aircraft that had them. Pilots will be able to hear them both in third-person view and while playing from the cockpit. “Bitchin’ Betty” will warn you about dangerous altitudes, critical G-force overloads, warning signals from the radar warning receiver, and alert you to the readiness of guided weapons on the aircraft. In the “Sons of Attila” major update, “Bitchin’ Betty” will be available for the F-16 series and AH-64D, while Soviet pilots will have the “Rita” voice warning system for the Ka-50, Ka-52, Mi-28N, Mi-28NM, Mi-24V, Mi-24P (USSR), as well as for the MiG-29s.

An aircraft voice warning system is a pilot's best friend!

Realistic HUD for helicopters

The cockpits of modern helicopters will now also be equipped with fully functional HUDs similar to what some aircraft already have. The first helicopters to receive the new HUDS are the Ka-50/52, Mi-28N/NM and Mi-35M series of helicopters.


Way to much smoke on guns overheating - literally go check even on YT how red barrel actually looks in real life. This game have way to much smoke on everything related to MG like shoting impacts etc. Also wind animation on trees is way to fast. While you at it consider reworking this ugly bitmap like smoke effect/smudge on planes.


And the rebalance of damage model?The fix of volumetric shells?The upgrade of penetration calculator?


This is the stuff I look forward to the most. Though yes, the trees do appear to be a bit too extreme in their swaying in the wind. They have some inertia even in strong winds, which would dampen the whole swaying more than it currently is displayed in game. Would be good if that could be tuned down a bit before release.

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My complete tech trees (incl. all special vehicles) spreadsheet is updated to match 2.23 (only accurate atm for list & status of vehicles): Contains probably all vehicles WT has published.

I hope this means soviet ATGM carriers (IT-1!!) can now be killed by shooting their ATGM.

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If you can keep friendly fire from shooting off each other’s bushes, how about maybe you can fix the shell hit effects so “friendlies” stop griefing each other by tagging each other on spawn in ground battles. If you can do it for one kind of own-side damage effect, why not the other one?

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Any chance that you’ve spent any time on modelling an ability for a crewman to man AA machine guns on top of tanks, like they were actually manned in real life?

Or we going to be still going to be killed by the “ghost of Audy Murphy”?


Does this apply to bush camouflage on tanks?

Radar not retracting being fixed when.

Or Gepard 1A2 not being able to use betters stinger variant


As seen on the dev server/dev server stream

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Yes, it apply to any decoration you add to your tank in customization menu in hangar.

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IMHO such change will create a big issue on many vehicles. Some MGs are mounted in the way, they can be controlled only when turret is faced straight. It would create problem - what to do with soldier behind MG when you turn turret? He should disappear?

Will the F-14a early or the a10a get the New voice warning system?

The trees in the wind (or no wind, tbf) look absolutely awful. The animation is terrible, it breaks immersion worst than anything else. Not only does it look ridiculous but it makes it even harder to see anything in maps with foliage. Which gives an additional advantage to some, obviously, but isn’t fair for the majority of players. But seriously, for the love of anything that’s beautiful, please, I beg you, remove the tree animations until you can make it look semi-decent. Right now it’s horrendous.