New unrepairable damage mechanic needs some work

As the title. I was pretty optimistic after great improvments the previous update introduced (HE/SAP nerf, AP buff) that this update will polish them and add some new additions to make jt more realistic. 3 days in and Im doubtful about the changes. I played glorious and invincible the most and these are my observations

  1. All you need now to destroy a ships is fire at single, randomly picked point until you deal unrepairable damage. After that the damaged ship will start slowly sinking for a few minutes until it sinks completely. There is nothing one can do to stop that and the time to make unrepairable damage seems very short.
  2. If the unrepairable damage is created by large explosion on one side, you will be listing until you die meaning you might not be able to fire any of your guns but still float for 2-4minutes
  3. Main turrets seem to sometimes stop moving after some minimal damage. Nk idea whats about that but sometimes even with slightest damage and/or minimal sinking you cannot rotate your guns. You still can fire tho.

My idea would be to restrict unrepairable damage only to bombs/torps/largest BB shells and allow players to continuesly pump out water even at the cost of slower reload. Also allow for ship to delist itself. What do you think about latest changes?


I don’t care for it either. I can understand having unrepairable breaches, but the current damage model seems to ignore that bulkheads exist. Most ships, for example, that had an “all or nothing” armor scheme could completely lose unarmored bow and stern, and still maintain enough buoyancy to remain afloat.

Just slow down the ship, allow counterflooding to correct listing, and the mechanic will be much better. As it stands, a 1 ft hole below the waterline will eventually sink the largest battleships. That’s not how things work in in real life.


I don’t fully understand how they are sinking from the destruction of a single compartment. That should be resolved by the number of water tight compartments being sealed.


The system was introduced without any supporting features that really give it a reason to exist. As it stands I really see no reason to keep it in game in the short term until gaijin un-fubars the damage interactions and designs of ships as currently they are profoundly lackluster at best.

The flooding mechanics in particular in game are terrible through and through, why they thought that said mechanics were fun enough to be made a mandatory factor is beyond me, getting nicked by a random bomb and just kissing your ship goodbye to something you cant fix is not fun or engaging gameplay.

Yet gaijin wonders why naval is failing to attract folks while adding in more unfun mechanics.


They implement mechanism too hasty, without sufficient test.

Somebody bought Marat or play Kommuna would notice that their so-called ‘damage part’ is much smaller than other capital ship, only limited to area near and under waterline. On the other hand, other capital ships, even include Poltava, Mariya, and Kronshtadt has full ‘damage part’ on its hull.

You can see the ‘bright part’ of Kommuna’s hull is much smaller than those of Kronshtadt.

It seems that time is too tight to implement this detailed or realist ‘damage part’ of Kommuna/Marat to other ships or developers were indifferent about this difference. Please tell me moderators. Am I assume right? And if I assume right, will there be any plan to implement this ‘damage part’ to other ships?

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Its a awful mechanic that ignores bulkheads and has no business existing.
Two salvos to the bow of my Kronshtadt permanently flooded my bow and with it my front magazines leaving me useless until I sank.
This isn’t some simulator, its a video game, aircraft can perfectly repair damage and return to the skies over and over, a half crippled tank can repair itself over and over with no change in efficiency or its protection and keep in the fight and what does naval get?
Armor degradation and permanent unrepairable damage that leaves players in a crippled state in a couple of minutes.

At this point the bots can have naval because theres no fun to be found here.


Also, it would have been nice if this quite important mechanic was shown in the Patch video.
I think this is more important than some smoke coming out of the tank barrel, which barely anyone is going to see because most people are playing on low settings.
I was completely taken away when I got my first unrepairable hull breach.


Funny how they stated this applied to frigates and above and yet it effects the MC485, an S-38 classified as a MTB in-game and probably others as well, because losing all your engines in a single go permanently when your center section of your simplified damage model hull gets destroyed is fun.
Naval as usual gets the untested unfun mechanics that breaks everything.


Others indeed, like the MTB-422.

Right after noticing that I took a single torpedo hit towards the stern on my Kongo. No major damage, except that this was special ‘magicky-magical’ unrepairable damage, so Kongo capsizes and sinks within 60 seconds. Clown mechanics.


TBH I don’t have a problem with the concept of ‘unrepairable damage’ ie, damage which the crew can not repair (but a major facility - airfield, dockyard - could). Aircraft in WT have had to deal with such damage from day one of WT. However, introducing unrepairable damage by simply making some holes in the hull unrepairable, thus flooding the entire ship because they’ve ignored the watertight compartments present on everything bigger than a wooden boat, doesn’t seem like the best idea. Not introducing some sort of major repair facility along with the ‘unrepairable’ damage is also a failing.

As it is, ‘unrepairable’ damage just looks like another way to randomly penalise players. Just a way to claw back the SL players were saving after the recent repair cost reductions?

I know a lot of players get upset when anyone suggests more realistic repair mechanics, but that’s only because they immediately think of how nice it is that they can instantly get everything working again. More realistic repair would also apply to the other guy too, of course! So when you hit the enemy the damage you do isn’t quickly negated.

Instant repair simply reinforces the advantage the top BR vessels already have. You come around an island in some 4.0 DD to surprise an enemy. $#**!! It’s a Moffet. However, it’s bow-on to you and distracted, while you can bring all guns to bear, so you take out it’s forward guns and continue around while continuing to fire. Seconds later all the Moffett’s guns are back in action and biggest ship wins.

I see they ‘fixed’ the ‘bug’ where unrepairable damage affected speedboats. So, if the bow of a small, wooden, attack craft gets destroyed by a pair of 4.5” shells (and I imagine it would be proper destroyed as in turned to match wood) you can fix it up in no time with a bit of sticky tape and a quick lick of paint, but a ‘special’ hole in a BB will see it roll over and sink despite all the internal compartmentalisation, counter-flooding abilities present on such a vessel? Right, got it: “working as intended.”


They need to rework this mechanic, even a tiny torpedo on the bow, results that the entire front is full of water.
There needs to be a way to repair this or it shouldn’t fill up so much.


Have they tweaked this mechanic? Had it again today and on one occasion (torp hit right on extreme bow, Frunze) the flooding stopped at 84%, with bow section of the damage graphic turning blue. Rather more believable than Kongo going down in no time to single torp in the stern. Since that first experience any unrepairable flooding has been quite slow and a couple times mission end came along before sinking, but until that Frunze incident today I hadn’t seen the flooding stop, ie get contained and limited to one compartment.

I think they’ve made some stealth changes. A single hole in the bow no longer causes me to sink after a period of time. I wish they would announce specifics though. I know it’s naval, and they don’t really care much about it, but they aren’t going to get people to play this mode without some more communication.

I really doubt that there were some stealth changes. I did some tests on the September 29/30 and the results were same as you are describing here. And these are consistent with the original changelog.

The unrepairable hull was always intended to flood but not cause rapid flooding to the rest of the ship.
My guess is that your experience is caused by breach into one unrepairable and one normal compartment. The unrepairable will fill and then stop but if there is breach in other compartment the flooding continues as it had before.

Edit: Also of note the bulkheads and density of compartments is somewhat modeled although it is quite hidden. For example the Atlanta sinks really quickly even with small breach when you compare it to other cruisers.