New U.S. Pilot Model for Modern Aircraft

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Currently in game, United States / Germany (West) / Great Britain / Italy / France / Israel shares same pilot model in top tier aircrafts.


However it was last updated in 2019, and features standard look of the late 1940s to 1950s U.S. Air Force pilot.


This pictures show how U.S. military pilots looked like since 1980s. Needless to say, current model is quite outdated and very inappropriate for modern 4th gen fighters. So it needs to be improved as soon as possible.


This could be a good sample for how the new pilot model may look like. Here is the list of possible items:

Helmet: HGU-33/P (USN), HGU-48/P (USAF), HGU-53/P, HGU-55/P, HGU-68/P
Oxygen mask: MBU-12/P (USAF), MBU-14/P (USN)
Flight suit: CWU-27/P, CWU-62/P (USN), CWU-66/P (USAF)
Anti-G vest: CSU-17/P (USAF)
Anti-G garment: CSU-13/P (USAF), CSU-15/P (USN)
Survival vest: SRU-21/P (USAF), SV-2 (USN), CMU-33/P (USN)
Harness: MA-2 (USN), PCU-15/P (USAF), PCU-33/P (USN)
Life preserver: LPU-9/P (USAF), LPU-10/P, LPU-23/P (USN), LPU-34/P, LPU-36/P
Gloves: GS/FRP-2, GS/FRB-2 (USN)

These equipment, represented by the HGU-55/P helmets and the MBU-12/P (MBU-14/P for navy) oxygen masks, would be suitable for aircrafts from the late 1970s and beyond.

Some countries with their own pilot model, such as Japan and Sweden, would also be able to use these new models.

I expect this change to improve both the visual aspects and historical accuracy of the game.



If we ended up getting updated pilot models, possibly even with the ability to choose between different helmets or make “user skins” (custom helmet decorations/paint jobs), that would be my favorite new QOL update/change to date.
+1, abso-freakin-lutely


So, I came up with an additional idea for this: for certain aircraft, depending on what time period/timeframe the aircraft served, there could be multiple unlockable pilot models, which could be equipped/swapped out almost like decorations can be on tanks and ships

It’d have to be mostly historical though


would be a cool idea


this I absolutely agree with!! different helmets for the RIO and the Pilot on the F14 would be sick for example! I don’t know about unlockable ones, pilot models being implemented like user skins could be finicky, but I absolutely agree that even minimal customization options such as helmet colour would be amazing.



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There should definitely be a new pilot model for NATO aircraft. Western countries use green pilot overalls, for Israel there should be desert colored overalls. Small differences like this are also good.
I would like to share an pilot model image that I personally like:

You can click for more details


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.


As a new US pilot model for modern aircraft was implemented as part of update 2.37 Seek & Destroy,

Moved to Implemented Suggestions. o7

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