New Top Tier Jets Should Be Grouped

This is just absurd. I dont know if im allowed to swear on this post but id love to.

The new update brought the fox 3 missiles i think we all know that, however it also brought new top tier jets, my main criticism is with Japan’s F15M, Sweden’s JAS-39C, and the Chinese J-11A.

These are the countries that have to unlock a whole new aircraft to have access to the new fox3 missiles, whilst the other countries get them on already existing aircraft as a modification upgrade, the others have to grind another 420 THOUSAND research points (not including stock grind). Why cant the aircraft get grouped? or why cant there be something like reduced RP cost for a temporary time after the update? Why? cause gaijin wants to see the playercount rise and money shine.

Personally, i was looking forward to play war thunder regularly again, now having to grind 420.000 RP for basically the same jet (JAS-39C) just completely turns me away from the game. The time investement is not worth the reward anymore. I understand this at lower BR’s but at top tier? 420.000? REALLY? now filled with lobbies where you cant fight back against someone 40km away launching missiles at you.

I really hope you guys agree with me cause this just sucks. I am not wasting another countles amount of hours for practically the same jet.

Because theyd rather you get shit on and die amd spend GE to buy your way to being camparable

They really followed their roadmap to be like “look guys, were nice to you we care about you! now be more inclined to give us money”

Also germany had to grind for the KWS since i think its also their only AMRAAM launcher

Yea, i didnt include that one because they cant really group an aircraft that are seperated by ranks. It sucks it really sucks but i cant see a solution to that, i mean 10.7 grouped with a 12.7? it sucks that gaijin decided to give germany the F4