New Top-Tier for Germany air and possibly for IT and UK (Possibly 1 Spain aircraft?)

The upcoming update may include the Eurofighter Typhoon, the F4 Phantom ICE (Improved Combat Efficiency) and possibly an event to obtain the Eurofighter (points event), which will be in the Italian tech tree as the Spanish Eurofighter. But let’s talk about the Eurofighter Typhoon and how it works.

Eurofighter Typhoon

It is a twin-engine canard wing delta aircraft found by the German companies Dasa, British Aerospace, the Italian Alenia and the Spanish CASA. It is a multi-role aircraft designed for air-to-air missions and air-to-ground missions. It is equipped with a Mauser BK27, which can also be found in the Tornado aircraft in the German, British and Italian tech trees. It will then also be possible to carry Aim-120, Aim-9 and maybe even new missiles like the Iris-T, which could be a great addition to the game with European missiles. (Could also be given to Tornados)
Image – EFT pylons - Red are Hardpoints, Green is the mauser 27
The EFT then also has access to a helmet mounted display and an advanced radar (perhaps an IRST if you look at newer versions).

Pretty much your same ol’ rusty F4 just given newer missiles, newer strike munition, newer radar and better avionics. Not much to say honestly. But able to carry most likely an HMD, and the ?Upcoming? AIM120As and Aim9Ls

Nuke Planes

Current Nuke planes ingame are for BR-

  • BR 6.7-7.7: ☢Tu-4 / ☢B-29A-BN
  • BR 8.0-9.0: ☢IL-28 / ☢ Canberra B Mk 6
  • BR 9.3+: ☢Su-7BKL / ☢Jaguar A

Which should honestly be replaced by:
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Bundeswehr Website
War thunder wiki
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i dont think that the eurofighter will be in the next update, gaijin has already claim it to be too advanced for the time being.


Im doubting Typhoon this coming update. We’ll have at least 1 update with Sea harrier FA2 for Britain and ICE for Germany. September is possible. but my money is on US/USSR getting Typhoon equivalents September and then Typhoon/Rafale coming December


Be nice for Typhoon, then we could have Rafale.

Please, Gaijin. You’ve shafted our missiles for so long, just give us a borked platform to launch them from. (Magics are still wrong)

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I doubt the Typhoon will even come this year.

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Thinking it will arrive in the 2nd next update because gaijin will most likely add newer planes that make the eurofighter more suitable for the time. Similiar to Morvrans reply.

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just hoping its gonna appear one day

Typhoon with Brimstones as multirole CAS platform is needed. Thats what we should get. To make good for all this CAS garbage we sadly currently have (Tornado with lol 4x small GBUs, F4F with just two Mavs).


Unfortunately… Whilst fingers crossed for a Typhoon end of this year, maybe early next. The first 1 or 2 Typhoons will likely have little more than a few iron bombs (in place of the BL755 Cluster bombs that I think they could equip)

Its probably gunna be a good year or 2 before we see Tranche 2 Typhoons with actual multirole capabilities like the addition of Brimstones.

So unfortunately… A Tornado ASSTA3.1 is probably the best CAS aircraft Germany is gunna get for quite a while. Unless something comes over from somewhere else

It has no CAS capabilities which work ingame. Tornado just works in Air RB vs bases, when you get a -1 BR downtier. Thats the only niche its actually useful.

Its like we have nothing than the F-4F with its two Mavericks or the Su-22 with those two TV guided KH’s. GBUs ruled Ground RB for quite a while. But after certain changes were made just 1 month after introduction of the Tornado, they are almost impossible to use (Pantsir, contrails).

You are preaching to the choir… Tornado Gr1 is my primary CAS aircraft (if I even bother with top tier GRB, but is my main mud mover in ASB)

But that does not change the fact that the likelyhood of us getting Prototype Typhoons or Tranche 1 Typhoons this year is already kinda slim…

Tranche 2 Typhoons with actual CAS capabilities is without a doubt. 0.

Though Tornado should hopefully be getting its misisng 1200 chaff this coming update. Which will help a bit with those pesky Pantsirs

It was especially funny since I waited 2 years for the Tornado, while other nations already had their fun with laser guided bombs or laser guided missiles. Then…after years of waiting we got this thing, which just got 4 GBUs…a strike capability others already enjoyed for years by then. To make it worse exactly one patch later they added high alt contrails and the allmighty Pantsir. Over night GBUs lost its value in GRB. For 2 months of Tornado fun I waited years.

This plane just was added too late. By now we already should have something with long range F&F weapons.

Yeah… No reason why our current Tornado IDS couldnt have come end of 2021 alongside the Mig-27. Even if the GBUs ended up being a mid 2022 upgrade (kinda like the Jaguar Gr1A). Instead it came way way too late at the end of 2022. (Same for the F3)

But yeah… the Attrocious state of the Tornado’s cannot be excused. I think the best Germany can hope for in the relatively near future is HASBO or HOPE Glide bombs for stand off capabilies. Unless they add Storm Shadow/Taurus.

I think its also about time we get Cluster bombs. BL755 and MW-1 would give the German Tornados other options. Especially combined with 1200 chaff or 600 chaff and Sky Shadow ECM to provide protection.

HARM missiles would also be ideal. AGM-88 HARM or ALARM would give the Tornados a decent edge.

Unfortunately… I dont think Germany is gunna have much fun in the CAS world over the next year or so. Though the seperation of air and ground BRs should hopefully make the Tornado a little more playable in air modes.

Personally im still waiting for TIALD to be fixed and made Gen 2. 1200 Chaff in the BOZ pods. 2x BOL rails and the radar to be finally modeled. (i’ve totally given up any hope of the FM being finished for the Tornados)


when the update?

Next Major update is estimated to be first or second week of June (based upon previous updates) with devblogs estimated to start any day now (quite a few thought we’d get one last friday or today)

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