New tanks!

I know nobody else probably has this opinion but gaijin should add WWI vehicles instead of modern mbt’s because I think it would be really cool to see the history of the WWI tanks and I think the gameplay would be decent and they are easier to model


Adds WW1 tanks (Ft-17, Saint-Chamond, A7V or one of the billions of variations of the Mark british tanks) > M2A4 appears > M2A4 shoots the paper armor > dies > useless.

I agree, Gaijin should add but what does it add to gameplay? A bunch of paper thin tanks that only have light machine gun as armament and slow gameplay?

Just imagine if you join a match on a Mark I tank and the enemy has a weapon that pens more than 20-30mm of armor at 100m.

You, while playing sees a light and fast moving tank, it sees you, you get flanked, you try to turn in 2 business days, but the engine is destroyed or simple machine gunned to death.

And vehicles like WW1 tanks aren’t that easier to model since there’s a few good images to have a good reference.

But yes, I also wanted to see at least a event, would be nice to see how it would perform in-game.


They would either have a separate game mode for them or they would be less than one br battles ex. Br 0.3 — br 1

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Vk. 72.01 (K) is something crazy, and Gaijin’s statement to this kind of vehicle (paper) still, no new vehicles like this.

And probably if it was in game would be fighting in 9.0 because its armor in paper is something scary for a normal vehicle, but it’s a Wunderwaffe, which means paper only vehicle.

I really hope we got to see a WW1 update/mode sometime in the near future. The biggest hurdle would be how slow some of the vehicles are, but I feel like that could be fixed with some sort of Arcade-style buff just for those vehicles/game mode.

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You completely forget that not all of them used MG’s. However you have made the point that people have stated for a long time and the reality is, that the only way they could be added is to redo the Battle Ranking system, shrinking the maps to be small enough given how slow these vehicles are make them the 1.0’s, and everything afterward going up from that. It would practically create a 15.0 br system one that is simply just no right now.