New swedish squadron vehicle ideas

Well, I’m interested to see what sweden and other nordic nations have in terms of squadron vehicles, both ground and air. The recent constants of such vehicles seem to be:

  • high BR from 9.3 to 11.3
  • not direct copy pastes, but usually modified version of already existing vehicles
  • vehicles from small countries that either were never represented in wt or have very scarce representation

What do you think would be best squadron vehicle for sweden that would fit those criteria?


CV90 Mk IV,

If I’m not wrong its for Czech Republic.

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Austrian draken with all-aspects and countermeasures, maybe?

Though I would prefer that just be premium. A J35Ö Early could work, given its a J35D without missiles or flares.


What does it offers over regular CV9040?

We only need an aircraft really…

Maybe the MiG-21F-13? Not the most interesting, but there’s not much viable aircraft to add.


Other option is either a Norwegian F-16 or F-104…

Two versions; The F-16A/B, and the F-16MLU.

I really want the F-16 out of spite of American mains XD


Issue is gaijin would add these behind a paywall, like every other Norwegian vehicle.

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Or a F-5A (G)

It might just be me, but i think its kinda funny if they do it for all the vehicles

Yeah, it is, but I wouldn’t put it past them… it is gaijin anyway.

Tbh all of these seem to be almost direct copy pastes so I doubt them being possible as squadron vehicles. Mig21 almost certainly will appear in finnish branch, f16 may appear in tree just because sweden pretty much run out of top tier jets

Ill search for more funny draken variants to see if theres anything else.

An armed SAAB 210 would be cool, though.

Oh yeah it would. Lil rat draken lol

Wish they made the SAAB A38 A-Jet


Clearly we should go to SAAB and have them make a crap ton of aircraft for propaganda reasons so we can have them


Maybe a CV90 with remote turret

Ikv91 with 40mm

or a mix between finnish and swedish


For ground I’d love to see the Patria AMV with BMP-3 turret in service with the UAE for around 9.3
9.3 AMV BMP-3 UAE say that 10 times fast
The AMV is a Finnish armoured car which is why it would be in the Swedish tree

For air an export Draken seems like a good option. I’m not particularly familiar with the many versions of the aircraft, but the F-35 (J-35XD) in Danish service seems like a good option as it has countermeasures and good strike capability.


holy shit that is a nice find. It checks out all the boxes and is really interesting for blending western and eastern tech. Would definietely research it:)

I’ve seen it but Gaijin would def put that premium tag on it instead

XA-100 series with TOW 2 launcher turret.


XA-200 series with AMOS turret.

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The AMOS vehicles feels like vehicles gaijin will inevitably put behind a paywall or grind wall for events…

no please not the atgm vehicle lol

and in case of AMOS I do think it will probably be a tree or event vehicle, they generally aren’t introducing new mechanics on squadron vehicles