New Stock Shell Changes

Should stock APFSDS be introduced to more tanks?
  • Yes
  • No

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At least the way it is worded, it sounds like only Rank VIII.
Why not do this for all the MBTs? Especially with the early ones, and since the nerf to 480mm pen across the board except for a notable exception, stock HEAT has been basically universally described as useless. It cannot pen most tanks from any angle except the side, and even then is very easily caught on some random debris or foliage and destroyed prematurely. Assuming it does get through unless it’s a precise shot it won’t do much damage either. Adding some bad APFSDS to the tanks to use immediately would be better than sticking with the stock HEAT that’s been around for so long, it was better and more enjoyable when APFSDS was stock, and I think it should fully come back instead of being limited to just the newer vehicles.
Regarding shells, if you want to keep the current layout of an APFSDS as rank 1 mod and then a better one as a rank 4 mod, while also introducing stock APFSDS, it could be something like this; with several examples:


Stock: XM827 (American ver. DM13)
Rank 1: M829
Rank 4: M829A1

Leopard 2A4/Strv 121
Stock: DM13
Rank 1: DM23
Rank 4: DM33 (the Leo should get a buff anyways)

T-72B/T-72B (1989)/T-80B:
Stock: 3BM29 (115mm 3BM28 reused in a 125mm)
Rank 1: 3BM32
Rank 4: 3BM42

Stock: 3BM26 (imported, supposedly “ancestor”)
Rank 1: 125-I
Rank 4: 125-IIM (export 125-II with reduced performance)


That or mega buff all HEATFS to historical figures. Take no quarter

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I’d take that too because it would make HEATFS way better and easier to play and also solve this problem somewhat. Their whole bit about “having anti-HEAT measures” on the tanks is basically true for everything with composites, not to mention the ones that have ERA. HEAT can’t really do anything to those

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This reminds me of the horribly painful time I had trying to play the stock ctcv105hp…

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At the least rank VII as well. I’m not to sure about lower than that. It’s mostly a problem when a lot of tanks in the BR range has ceramics and or ERA. Not many tanks in rank VI and lower has that sort of protection (I might be wrong, just going by memory and am not by my pc) so can be penned more easily by HEATFS.

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