New Sim EC Brackets?

With the addition of 13.0. I wondered if there is any news regarding new EC brackets or are they just going to do what they did in December when the just tacked 12.7 onto the end of the top tier brackets and caused major issues for 2 month?


I’d hope they’d do something along the lines of 12.3 -13.0

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Im personally hoping we get 1 bracket that is like 11.7-12.3

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So just 12.7-13.0 as the top bracket? That could work, though the 11.7’s would suffer.

Yeah, but sub sonic ARH like Shar won’t and 11.7s already suffer in 11.7-12.7

True true, would be shit to try to use a harrier in sim against all that bullshit.

It might be, only thing to really worry about is the su27s which I should be able to outstick. But yeah, will be messy, so will the F3 AOP, but 12.7 is too high to do much about.