New RWR is full of bugs

How come my F-16 RWR tells me a mig23 that I am chasing from 8km away is locking me from his rear?

F-14 RWR sometimes is not reporting locks. Got killed by an R-27er that hit me in a side aspect where the RWR should have detected the lock

You’ll also find that nearly half of all US aircraft use a backward generation RWR.

The F-14A RWR cannot detect locks:

List of stations that have lost the ability to detect tracking mode:

  • AN/ALR-45 (F-14A)

I was in the F-14B

Were you banking the aircraft, or did the missile come from above?

RWRs have limited vertical coverage, so if you are banking or the missile comes from above (or a combination of the two) it might not be detected.

I did mention it, was from side aspect, the radar lock would hit my plane from the left side

Yes but you didn’t mention whether you were banking the aircraft, or in level flight.

I was leveled the entire time in relation to the missile and the mig29 radar

RWR without tracking functionality still produces constant tone when locked on, its just less obvious and without flashing “notice me” effects.