New pxn 2113 Pro not detected in War Thunder

Hi there,
I am using Windows 11 23H2 and used the latest drivers for my New pxn 2113 Pro from the English manufacturer’s website and their support already confirmed to me the drivers installed correctly, however in the controller setup of war thunder, it doesn’t show up . In the old forums I found a thread where there is a screenshot that showed it listed (Albeit it shouldn’t be listed as “offline” of course):

Also it mentions there that the Chinese website has newer/working drivers, but the download URLs cause a 404 error.

Does anybody have newer links to the better drivers and/or an idea why it doesn’t show up in the game?

Thanks in advance!

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Update on the case, the PNX Customer support sent me the links to the downloads:

This is the newer driver V. 3.0

This is the older driver V. 2.133

I will try over Christmas whether this will resolve my issues.