New Premium ship to England

it would be interesting if they put a new ship in England as a premium. HMS Belfast in my opinion is a bit complicated to play.
Naval mode is also too dull for researching other ships.

Not to question your expertise, but it looks like you have 54 naval battles total.
What makes you think the Belfast is too complicated to play in relation to other premiums of the same BR? There might be some simple tips that will help you utilize it better in a battle.

Naval battles are longer, but they shouldn’t be “dull.” They aren’t as fast paced as air or ground, but there is plenty to keep you busy if you want to be in the action constantly. Also, there are other navies that might be better suited to your playstyle, and the U.K. navy is definitely not the best to start with for new players.

Belfast is great fun, though the lack of Torps is a shame. Kinda disappointed we got a post-ww2 refit of her, instead of her true WW2 version with the extra secondary guns and torps. She also needs her radar.

What do you find complicated? (from someone who plays the Belfast a lot and might be able to help)

But yeah. Another premium could be cool. HMS Exeter (York-class) could be interesting.

(NRB is just unfinished/low priority for the devs, so just has a lot of problems)

Belfast is literally hold W and spam SAP ship, how is that complicated?