New player questions

I’m new to the game and I see there is EasyAntiCheat option on the WT launcher?

What are pros and cons of activating this?
I’m confused. :(

Any other new player tips would be greatly appreciated (either in form of settings or gameplay).
Cheers :)

EAC allow you to play in Realistic and Simulator battles.

If you dont activate EAC, you can play only in Arcade battles who already have enemies marquers and aim assist.

Aha so it wont lock me out of a larger player pool in Arcade.

That was my number 1 concern since I am on Eastern Europe server (whichever that one may be) and at low levels not many players present :D

Hi I had the same issue but since then i am getting blown up by tank i did not see almost immediately. Any suggestions?

Use ur binoculars and scan the area before movement, furthermore plan your movement stratigically and remember your mini map