New Plane for US

Name: General Dynamics F-16XL Fighting Falcon
Original Name: General Dynamics F-16XL Fighting Falcon
Category: multi-role combat aeroplane

Producer: DD.MM.1982-DD.10.1982 [General Dynamics Corp.]

Number of Produced: 2 (s/n 75-0749 + 75-0747)

Maiden Flight: 03.07.1982 (75-0749)
29.10.1982 (75-0747)

Crew: 1 (75-0749) / 2 (75-0747)

Basic Characteristics:

Take-off and Landing: CTOL - conventional take-off and landing

Arrangement of Wing: monoplane

Aircraft Concept: tailless

Undercarriage: retractable

Landing Gear: wheels

Technical Data:

Empty Weight: ? lb

Take-off Weight: 43000 lb

Maximum Take-off Weight: 48000 lb

Wingspan: 34ft 3in

Length: 54ft 2in

Height: 17ft 7in

Wing Area: 646 ft2

Wing Loading: ? lb/ft2

Category: turbofan

Number of Engines: 1

Type: General Electric F110-GE-100

  • maximum thrust, dry: 17100 lbf
  • maximum thrust, afterburning: 28900 lbf

Fuel Tank Capacity: ?


Maximum Speed: 1350 mph in 40000 ft

Cruise Speed: 600 mph in ? ft

Climb Rate: 62000 ft/min

Service Ceiling: 50000 ft

Range: ? mi

Maximum Range: 2850 mi
Armament: [M61A1 Vulcan] gatling gun with ? rounds of ammunition

maximum armament weight of 15000 lb on 17 hardpoints

Note: specifications are for s/n 75-0747
2) M=2,05

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I think this woudl be a cool Squadron / Battlepass / Event vehicle!

Not sure i not already suggested, however…

Every option except this one please.

People should be able to access to this vehicle with effort and time not just money.


For suggestions of new planes and vehicles I would recommend to check out the Suggestion tab in the forum. There is a lot of interesting stuff there.

It was: