New Naval FCS Interface Feedback

So I quite like the new FCS display that was added to naval, but feel there there a few issues that could use improvement:

  • The two ship indicators need to be positioned relative to eachother. At the moment, both are locked with north at the top. This makes it quite hard to read the relative orientation of the two ships. I would change it so that the enemy indicator was positioned with the bottom towards the player, and conversely the player indicator with the top towards enemy. I’m not sure if I am explaining what I mean well, but I hope someone understands what I mean.

  • The interface is overall a bit small and hard to read. I find that I have to strain my eyes to read it, which is a bit of an issue. This is especially an issue with the numbers displayed.

  • The indicators for shell splash locations are nice. However, it has limited use because secondary guns also appear. This makes it hard to read where my primary shells have hit, because there are so many secondary hits filling the display.

  • Having the FCS be mutually exclusive with the radar impacts situational awareness considerably. I realise that having both would be a problem for screenspace though, so not sure what the solution could be.


Agreed, I suggested a toggle to switch from north facing to turret facing to get the effect you mention.

I also would like if the enemy sooed could be toggled to show closing speed instead. The rate of close or separation is more important when judging gun range. Otherwise it’s a nice addition.

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Yeah the new FCS is great but currently it has serious issues. I would also like to see the relative positions instead of the north orientartion which we have now but I would say that it is major problem IMO.

What needs to be fixed it the compatibility with radar! Current implementation where player can only have radar or only FCS is is seriously bad decision. I would move the FCS display next to the X-ray view and show it in the binoculars only.

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I’d rather give more info to a skilled player to use than dumb it down so far it’s doing the work for you. Making the position relative and making it a closing speed (with all the trigonometry already calculated for you) seems closer to the latter tbh.


There is definitely a balance to be struck, but I would consider relative positioning as a dealbreaker on it being intuitive to use. Having to constantly think about the bearing from north for two indicators is a needless mental load, in my view.


As it stands right now I don’t know if I’ll use the new FCS. The indicators always facing north, and not relative to my ship/guns/camera rendering the advantages it should bring almost null. It doesn’t really tell me anything I don’t already know. I can confirm visually, quite easily, if my rounds landed far, short, or hit. You can’t use radar and the FCS. And as mentioned earlier everything about it is just a little bit too small.
Currently you could just put the enemies speed next to the range indicator already present and do away with the FCS and nothing would be lost.

The good side is it tells me roughly how fast the enemy is going, and shows their angle relative to my position.

Changes that would be nice;

  1. Increase the size of the indicator by about 10%
  2. Have the top be relative to my ship/camera/guns instead of north
  3. Tell me, in addition to how fast their going, the speed difference between our two ships
  4. Figure out how to have the radar and FCS up at the same time, maybe replace the minimap with FCS?

Semi-unrelated but a way to prevent my mouse from adjusting range would be nice, so that I can only adjust range via scroll wheel or keybinds.


I think a closing speed is more useful then their travel speed. The red lead indicator makes knowing the enemy speed not very useful but the closing speed let’s me know if I need to aim higher or lower between shots.


Agreed with the points above. I would also like to see guns automatically range to the last calculated range and allow the player to set a manual correction (such as ±25 meters like the old UI). This is unrelated to the new FCS, but I feel it is still a problem that impacts shot consistency in RB.

I explain more here:

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Yes to this. When they did the first dev server of this new target system that what it did then the server got updated and it stopped. I 100% want it to remember a set derivation on range. And the guns should recalibrate each time the TCS updates the range so your variation applies accurately.

I also should have mentioned I don’t think all ships should have this fcs. These are technologies that ships developed so they should be tied to the nation’s technology. In the same way not all tanks got laser range finder at the same time or thermals. British radar gave impact points and then the Americans etc. This will show for eg the power of ships like Belfast who had such systems in ww2 while many peers didn’t yet.


North being locked to up essentially defeats the purpose of this system. :(

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