New NA squadron looking for members

-BOMBL- (Bombshell) are a newish NA squadron (20 people) with some very experienced players down to complete noobs :smile:

Most of us are from World of Warships and are playing War T a lot more now as WoWS is struggling.
Ages mostly 20s, we have a few older players too so age is not an issue (over 18s please) but they are all very chill.

We are just starting to recruit and grow the crew some more, we are casual at the moment but looking to maybe do competitive in the future if people are keen.

Most of the crew is EST based, a few are also in New Zealand/Australia so theres generally people around most hours, speaking mostly English - even our buddy in NC manages English most days…lol

If this sounds like something you are interested in - let me know - or join our Discord and say hi :smile: