New Modern Warships

None of that stuff matters since there would be no counterplay.
“What about frigates with sonar and depth charges?” I hear you ask, to that I say, go ahead and take a frigate or destroyer into the center of any map at mid-to-top tiers.
Submerged submarines become an unkillable class of boat that, if lucky, could get upwards of a dozen kills with no way of anyone damaging it back. That doesn’t sound fun or fair.

That being said pre-Cold War submarines are literally not fast enough to go from spawn to the halfway point on a map before the match ends. Rendering them null and void as a feasible boat type.

Remember, Wargaming made them go 30 knots underwater and gave BBs ASW airstrikes for a reason. Submarines are not a viable naval combatant the way battleships, and destroyers are, they don’t belong in a game like this. And aren’t used as traditional warships, for a reason.

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Modern and famous ones won’t make a difference. They will grind for those famous ships and never play the gamemode. Cause I’ll say it here, no matter what gamemode it is, War Thunder is extremely flawed. Due to many of these game modes not being beta-tested by the mass majority they writing their paragraph of issues.

To put it simply->Fixing the Gamemodes and Maps by asking for constructive criticism and beta the gamemode improved for the better. But until then the gamemode is gonna sadly remain as a mode that forces vehicles into roles they were not designed for. Rather than being a game mode that should have relied on teamwork. That is what Naval was. A massive board of chess.

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I mean more like modern destroyes and cruisers, some could have helis on their helipad, it would be like late ww2 battleships that have small proppeler aircraft.

I think the meta for modern warships gameplay would be micro-managing radars, decoys, and munitions expenditure.

This isn’t too indifferent from what we have in air battles, so I support naval, particularly modern where such details can be better refined.

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Helis would be very nice. Especially for the ships without a dedicated Anti Ship Armament, or Anti Sub Armament, should we ever see them

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helis would be interesting change of pace. They would be easier to shoot down by AA, but could hide behind terrain pretty easily. Instead of bombs they usually carried small torpedoes, but also no other offensive armament. Cruisers converted to heli carriers would be a decent way of introducing them.


Modern warships would also pave the path toward a convergence of coastal and ocean-going ships.

I’ve toyed with the idea of helis being used in NF as we already have a few navalized helicopters in game (eg: H-34/Wessex, Ka-29, Wasp, USMC AH-1’s, HKP-2 pontoon alouette if the sweds ever get their coastal navy tree).

They could easily work for the mode with them not being to far off being similar current missile ships (eg: Freccia class Motoconvertibili Saetta P-494, Project 56K Bravyi, Asheville class PGM USS Douglas PGM-100), Just they could easily hide at distance or cap zones if they’re feeling ballzy.

Plus it isn’t like naval AA isn’t rather OP especially be it the games bots (legitimate bots) or radar assisted HAA/ SAM’s all of which can be easily seen in a custom battle (eg, like that screenie I showed yesterday in the squidrons discord, just instead of making a 3rd gen fighter scared of a S-125 it would destroy a little heli) so they’d be minced by warry players ntm would need precise hits to sink certain ships.

In game currently we could see the Des Moines class get early helis as a spawnable heli & the Ex Yugoslavian minelayer Zmaj now Drache get the Flettner FI 282 Kolibri added (maybe as point capers).

IMHO the helis could work as low as 3.3 depending on the type an at that BR AA is just as intense on some vessels, They could work like in GF where you can spawn missile less or be equipped with missiles (like 2018 helis in GF) & or be made to use SP like 600 SP depending on type.

Helis would be interesting as besides the current bombs, rockets, AGM’s, We could see the addition of ASW torpedoes, proper aerial torpedoes or AShM’s added to a few of them for extra punch.

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Trops or maybe depth charges.

Simply put, the counterplay to a submarine

I do hope that separate BRs will affect naval as well. Altho I doubt the necessity of introducing standalone helicopter spawns to navy, I would be more keen of adding heli cruisers or heli carriers.

Exactly. On refitted tiger class you could get Westland Sea King with 4 torps but county-class brought Westland Wasps armed with AS.12 missiles. Sure, against bluewater targets its usability would be limited but it would be a great tool of getting rid of coastal vessels from a safe distance.

Problem with relying on helicopters as counters to submarines:

It also applies to props at mid-to-high tiers

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I think that once we get more top tier battleships, the naval population will increase Bismarck, Iowa, and Yamato will, by themselves, draw crowds. We will see a lot more wallet warriors buying their way into top tier like they do with ground and air, but I don’t think that is going to be that big of a problem.

I really think that sweden coastal should be introduced, they have some modern corvettes, patrol boats and assault craft. and as you say they have some heli of which at least one is a naval heli.

I would like to see older British Royal Navy frigates and destroyers from the 1980’s. They need to have the Type 22 Broadsword class frigates, Type 21 Leander class Frigates and Type 42 Destroyers, e.g- HMS Brilliant, a Type 22 Broadsword class. That was the ship I served on during the 80’s. If that ship was put in the game, you know i will be grinding naval as quick as possible.

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You worked on a type 22?

Yes mate. It was my favourite, a pleasure to serve on. Was even in a Navy Days open to the public in Gibralta. Got burnt to a crisp on the beach. We did a demonstration on how the SBS would attack an enemy ship… that was fun! but alas, it was years ago now. I’m in my mid+ 50’s.

That is very cool, but what do you think about adding sweden coastal?