New Modern Warships

They have added modern era tanks, helicopters and airplanes, but they havn’t added modern warships, isn’t that a little wierd? I would be really happy if they added like the USS Arleigh Burke destroyer, or even better, the USS Zumwalt destroyer that is the successor of the Arleigh Burke class. What do you think of that?

Not yet though first we need some more end line ww2 bbs and then early and late cold war missile ships THEN we will see modern day warships


Yes I like modern warship, but Zumwalt was too advaned. We don’t even have proper AShM guided mechanism now.

Modern ships would simply be too advanced if added with their real life capabilities, even if toned down in typical Gaijin fashion.

Fire & Forget Missile spam would negate the gun only ships, and if you remove them you end up with ships with few guns and little armour which rather makes you wonder as to why include them in the first place. What guns they do have would be super accurate compared to any competition thanks to automated radar ranging, modern optics, even laser rangefinder in some cases but one hit and they would be neutered as all you have to do is stay beyond CIWS ranges.

Also where to place them? If anything they are far more in line with an extension of the coastal tree than Bluewater. But even here anything past 3.7 often struggles and even early post war Frigates struggle.

I do sincerely hope Gaijin have a plan for the future as they will need one when BBs run out, but unfortunately as things stand the upper tiers are simply Bigger = Better and any ship from the last half century would sit uncomfortably between useless and OP.

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Naval warfare outpaces ground combat by, what… 40-50 years?

I do wish modern ships to come ASAP. But there are a lot of works need to be done about the mechanics. And I don’t think gaijin is in a hurry to add modern ships into the game. They are quite lazy.

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I would rather want ironclad and pre-dreadnought era warships.

I’ve read in a Naval Blog that modern anti-ship missiles couldn’t do too much vs old style armored warships from WW1 and WW2. Since armor completly got out of use for modern ships, the warheads are just not made to penetrate things anymore. What elese? The guns…the same. Small calibres, mostly HE and HE-VT.

So what would an Arleigh Burke class destroyer suddenly do in War Thunder, when it faces Battleships or Heavy Cruisers at typical ingame distances? It couldn’t harm those too much with its few missiles, while it’ll quickly succumb to HE or SAP shells.

I mean with 90-96+ cells (depending on flight) and combination of SM-6, Harpoons, Tomahawk it could be deadly for CL/CAs and maybe damage (though not kill) BBs especially if one or more are focusing.

Missiles can’t do much to big guns and armored hull but optics, radar, secondary and smaller guns, radio room… etc. all the non-gaming stuff real ship needs to operate properly can’t endure missile spam for too long.
You don’t need to blow up a ship to make it useless, but then this is game where you play football with tanks and ships sink when it reaches end of the world…

Lmao, you mean 90 cell tomahawks with 450 kg HE warhead each?
And two harpoon missile launchers?

If you look at air development you will see that with time we got bigger maps for better missiles to be properly used. I would expect maps of at least 20-30km starting distances to appear with more modern ships. At that distances, shells and poor optics wont matter.

Gaijin could “compress” the battlerating of the other ships and make the new modern ships higher battlerating so that the USS Zumwalt could be at battlerating 12.0. But Gaijin need to make bigger maps, so they are like maybe 50 km times 50 km with like 30 km between the spawnpoints, if that was made it will be much easier to have modern era warships, but you can limit these maps to make them only avaliable to higher battleratings, for like 9.0 and up. Because it would be a little boring to go 30 km to be able to shoot at the enemies in a 3.0 battlerating ship. Reply if you don’t agree with me.

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We really don’t need naval to become more of a mess. The tank and air tree’s are enough of a mess when it comes to modern stuff we don’t need that here.

That being said Naval needs some major changes to make it work still.

Naval AB and RB EC work fine right now aside of minor compression issues. I think navy would only benefit from adding newer stuff due to more players coming in but some separation would be needed. If we started for example from BR of 9.0 and added ships from era comparable to planes of that BR we could get smoothly into newer stuff without losing the originality of conventional warships.

Not even that. I’d say a serious rework of any missile armed ships, or separate matchmaking would need to be setup. It’s completely unfair to expect gun only ships to compete with Missile Boats. Naval EC only confirms this.

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quite annoying to have to defend against missiles in my humble mosquito, i agree

When I play coastal fleet i sometimes meet a SKR-1 in my 2.0 battlerating motor torpedo boat, it is very unfair when they spam rockets at me, and somehow the SKR-1 is only at battlerating 4.3! If it became like 10.0 and more ships would be introduced more players would probably play naval, and 2.0 ships wouldn’t meet toptier ships.