New material in GF discovered - "Mussolinium"

We often discussed „Stalinium“ in the Forum – but here I would like to present another fantastic development of Gaijins Dev`s: „Mussolinium“

First time I faced this was last week in „Stalingrad“. During a face-to-face fight on (very) close distance (approximate max. 10 m) between my Turan III and a 90/53 M41M (open Italian SPG) a B17E/S throws a 2000 lb-bomb between us… nearer to my opponent…(see picture).

Neither the SPG nor myself were able to move at that moment – the bomb exploded a second later.

And now the surprise: My Turan was destroyed… and the (open!) SPG survived without a scratch.

First I thought it was one of the well-known 2000 lb-WWII-smart bombs – you know, those who explode only towards enemies and not harm own team-members. An additional indication for that was the fact that the team-mate of that SPG was the pilot in the B17 and throwed that bomb.

But now – after careful consideration - „Mussolinium“ can be the only explanation. Not only used as material for hull and turret but also for the crew members which are sitting – relatively unprotected – on top of the SPG…

Impressive, isn’t it? ;-)

To all of you – have a nice Christmas and/or a good start in 2024…!

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smart ammo for sure >:3

… It seems, it wasn’t a new material… ;-)

Changelog Air Superiority, 14.12.23:
" Leopard 40/70, 47/32 L40, 90/53 M41M — an issue that caused these vehicles to not take pressure damage has been fixed."