New Locations: “Rocky Pillars” and “Test Site — 2271”

We’re excited to bring you the first screenshots of two new locations that will be arriving to War Thunder in the next major update: “Rocky Pillars” for aviation, and “Test Site — 2271” for mixed battles!

Rocky Pillars
We created the Rocky Pillars map based on the mainland mountain landscapes of Southeast Asia. The weathering on the sandstone and limestone makes rock formations on this map certainly look rather interesting.

Soon, pilots will be flying over the stone pillars and lush green cliffs where engines will roar, machine guns will go rat-tat-tat and pew pew, and the fiery wrecks of destroyed aircraft will burn!

Test Site — 2271

The recent Atomic Heart robot event showcased the Test Site — 2271 map, and we’re happy to say that thanks to your positive feedback, we’ve made further improvements to it!

This map will be coming to the game for mixed battles as part of the next major update.


What BR range will Rocky Pillars be available to, the top tier map rotation is getting very bland?


Please dont put Test Site above 7.0 in Ground RB. Enough COD maps as it is!


when is dev server

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I can’t say I’m thrilled about Test Site. It looks like a mix of Alaska and Seversk, two of the most insipid maps in the game from my subjective viewpoint.

Small, urban maps are already preponderant compared to maps where longer engagement ranges are possible. On top of their numerical preponderance, they also show up much more frequently in the matchmaker. Not a day goes by without Seversk appearing in my games multiple times, but I haven’t seen Volokolamsk in a long time, for example.

I don’t fully understand the rationale behind adding even more of these maps, and thus skewing the curve even further.

Still, since I didn’t participate in Atomic Hearts, I’ll wait for the chance to actually play it myself before I commit to an opinion on the map. Hope to be proved wrong!

Is it just me or does a portion of the Rocky Pillers Map look like an Ace Combat 5 multiplayer map?

I would say today evening but this weekend for sure, because the dev stream is already online.