New howitzer PLZ83 sucks

First impression of PLZ is not good, why?

First off, the weak weak firepower overall is even worse than 2s1 (6.0)!! 2s1 has 122mm shell, 51mm pen and a 12 ish seconds reload . PLZ has a 152mm shell with only 49mm pen and 17.3 seconds , which is not looking good.

Worse power to weight compared to 2s3m (also at 6.3) while even having an even larger profile that 2s3m.

Survivability is only 15mm (HMG’s can pen) on the big sheet metal, which is going to be most susceptible to shots, only having halve the 30mm of the 2s3m.

It doesn’t look good nor does it deserve 6.3 br in current state. Give it better shells. Also it was allegedly able to fire soviet ammunition so giving it better soviet shells would also work.

Your opinions on the vehicle? Please tell, so we can start an uprising to improve the PLZ, hehehehhe.

What changes should happen to it?
  • Give more powerful shell
  • Move it to a lower br
  • I doesnt need change
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Yes, 6.3 BR is a bit too high for this car.


Yeah, I’d just be playing the 2s3m or the 2s1 if this howitzer stays in 6.3, making this addition redundant.

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issues with PLZ83

  1. Wrong HE ammo TNT mass (where did they get the 5.6kg TNT from?), should just copy Russian 152mm stock HE with 5.9kg TNT
  2. Wrong turret machine gun, should be type 54 instead of QJC88
  3. If no research ammo, should drop to BR6.0

Still, the stock HE is not very good and should not be in 6.0, considering the fire rate lower than the 6.0 2s1 and the worse preformance.


Sigh… The vehicle is now in live server and still not seing much improvements. I have changed the content of the discussion and added a poll if you are interested.

Sigh… Still no new shells now, it is really unfair. I have tested in the game, PLZ83 is the only 6.3 SPG that cannot destroy IS-2-1944 when directly hit on the front (and all NATO-like SPG at 6.0 and 6.3 BR can do this), except shooting at turret hatch…

I have survived a lot of high caliber HE shots from howitsers in the IS-2 1944, I have been surprised at how much the 1944 can tank. People have to aim at the cupola to kill it with HE. But yeah the point stands, the PLZ-83 is quite weak for its br and needs a buff imo, it is actually weaker than the 2S1.
Cmon! Riot, force a buff to the PLZ-83!!!

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Because gaijin did not add complete shells to it, someone had already submitted issues using data from foreign trade 152mm shells, but gaijin ignored them. They only copied and pasted according to the worst standards, making some semi-finished products
Suggest BEE7 HE shell and BEE7 HE-VT shell // // Issues
Suggest smoke shell for PLZ-83 // // Issues
PLZ-83 BR-540B APHEBC // // Issues

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