New Fox-3 on War thunder

The new Fox-3 (Derby, Aim-120 AMRAAM, R-77,…) will probably arribe to War thunder on the next update of the game doing one of the MAJOR update of 2024 (For the moment)

Onto the next big case sherlock, eh?


Brother they already said most of this in the devblog/other posts regarding ARHs since the dev . Cool it sherlock .

To Clarify, i said that will probably arriba on the nexts updates of war thunder, not in the next (that is a posibility).
All of this are Speculations, please, don’t take this post at bad.

i agree the replies are a bit aggressive in the way they make fun of you, that being said the reason they call you “sherlock” is because Gaijin (the devs) have already confirmed fox 3s are coming in june. It isn’t speculation, it’s confirmed

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Comfirmed, the new Fox-3 will arribe on the summer update of this 2024, will come out all the fox-3’s (Aim-120, Mica-EM, R-77,…), that was on the dev servers

I can’t freakin wait anymore Gaijoob, gimme play-test agane

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