New Forum

@Stona_WT why do you guys destroy things that work?
where are my subscribed topics ? where are the User made topics ?
this mode is impossible to navigate due to lack of simplicity


also where are the dislikes ? is this youtube now?
and BTW liking and disliking is a private thing , i don’t want to know who likes me or who dislikes me ,


This is nonsense, they didn’t even bother to transfer the relevant posts, not even the correct sections?

They even removed any way to react negatively to a post, what is this and who is making these awful choices without the community even being warned?



@Stona_WT @Smin1080p This is hilarious. again no warning forward. We want the old Forum as it was.
It had structure, it was easy to use, it was easier to read.
Revert this unless you want to lose even more players.
I AM OUT until this is reverted.


I don’t understand why this was needed.


It will take quite a while until everything is somewhat functional again. Currently, I already saw a system internal “Welcome to Discourse” post and the vehicle suggestion lists are incomplete and have non-funtional links as of now.

Guess the forum will be a bit unusable until everythings set.

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It’s so rushed, it’s fine if you want a prettier interface, but so far all I see is a new incomprehensible interface and features removed for no reason.


Wow, now this is an abhorrent change

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Looks like all the old threads , topics and posts are erased.
Gone, reduced to atoms.
You cant even edit your post anymore.

Not even that you can’t seems be able to see if a change is good or bad when the comments are turned off

What the **** is this new change. Old good forum, all topics, messages, all is removed. Gaijin, you **** b1tch.

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So all the posts from the old forum got simply dumped? Ah well…

I’m also finding it a lot harder to find things now, I prefer the old forum which was way better than this one now. I don’t even know where my forum posts are


Even my how to kill- tutorials removed. when they removed custom profiles, i thinked it is baadest thing at forum, but this now. AND I KNOW GAIJIN NEVER HEAR US!!

I see, emojis deleted too.

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I probably start to play WOT, Ravenfield and Battlefield again. This is like economics at 2018-2022, and this is probably same thing: 4 years of Sh1t

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The old forum stay available at for 2 years …

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It’s here but you cannot use the old forum anymore

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Wow this is so bad lmao. How do you make something so unintuitive.

Damn, worst UI…Elon Musk moment.
The old forum before was much easier to read, please at least consider a light mode promptly…

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It looks very similar to the Flarum based forum.