New flander map cannot be loaded

It take forever to load, I just recently installed the update and I logged in WT. But after finding a ground realistic battle match for flanders It doesn’t load at all. It keeps the loading screen until the end of the match and after that I still cannot leave nor close the program until I have to manually shut down the client with task manager. Might be just for me but this is a major problem atleast for me.


Me2 :-(

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The same here. It must be a more general issue. Is there Flanders- map for some other players?
It start faster than in an other map. Map picture is shown, but nothing happens after that.

Аналогично ! Дважды за 40 минут выпадала карта Фландрия и оба раза сессия не загружалась. Выход только через “Диспетчер задач”. Режим АБ “Превосходство”

Same for me. Only map where this is happening. Never seen anything like it before, so I assume it is to do with the content on the map.



And it hangs the game.

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Mee too bros and its very annoing, please fix it

I have the same problem.
I also made a report yesterday, but nothing happened since then.

Has there been any response from tech team on this issue? I haven’t seen anything…


EDIT: Seems to work today.