New features not working on Air EC

Hello, very short topic here, there’s two changes from this last major update that I’ve seen are not working on air EC at the moment for no reason:

The AAA nerf can’t be function on air EC because In my frist 3 matches In a high BR bracket me and everyone else on the session was getting destroyed by anti air vehicles on bases and convoys, everyone on chat was remarking how this can’t be the nerf that was announced on the Update changelog and because of that I believe this It’s if not a bug an overlook has not been Implementeda at all.

The second one Is even shorter: CCIP for guided bombs was also implemented on the las update, but It’s not functional Simulator battles for some reason, I think this Is also an overlook but probably a bug.

Very minor things to fix but with great impact on gameplay, I hope this can get reported quick so we can enjoy this changes.