New Features & Mechanics In Kings of Battle!

While you’re waiting for the Kings of Battle major update to install, we’re going to be talking about some of the new features and mechanics that have arrived alongside this update that you might have missed. Let’s take a look!

Armor-piercing bombs for several aircraft!

A new type of bomb has been added to several aircraft: Armor-Piercing bombs! Historically, this bomb was specifically designed to destroy fortified targets, such as ships, bunkers, coastal defense structures and so on. Due to its different design and principle of fuze operation, armor-piercing bombs detonate after penetrating a certain armor thickness. In the game, these bombs are effective in destroying larger ship compartments that may include magazine storage areas, fuel tanks and engine rooms, which are usually protected by an armored deck.

The full list of armor-piercing bombs that have been added to several aircraft is in the major changelog, click here to see them.

Damage from separated discarding sabot!

Discarding sabot is an important part of APFSDS and APDS shells, as it transfers the necessary kinetic energy to the core dart, and is often made of hard metals. Therefore in this update, we’ve completely modeled discarding sabot! This means that when firing an APFSDS or APDS round, discarding sabot can travel up to 1km and penetrate thin armor, kind of like buckshot from a shotgun. This can be handy when firing at light targets where the core dart flies through an empty part of a light tank — pieces of discarding sabot may also penetrate and hit important module parts, or even scrape a crew member and knock them out. Check out the video below of this new mechanic!

Improving “Fire and Forget” missile guidance!

Previously, anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) with the “fire and forget” principle targeted the center of a tank silhouette — as a result, these missiles often failed to hit critical components. In this major update, we’ve introduced a small aiming error, which will increase the likelihood of these missiles hitting other important internal components located near the center of a ground vehicle.

Multi-Functional HMD for F-16 jets!

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve introduced a highly sophisticated and detailed Multi-function Helmet-Mounted Display (HMD) system called the JHMCS (Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System) which is used on the F-16C Block 50 and F-16D Block 40 (Barak II).

Now, a HMD can be activated using a dedicated button and doesn’t just activate automatically during missile launches, and capability for radar cueing through the helmet system has been added. A HMD will provide you with information such as current G-Forces, indicated airspeed, line of sight heading, line of sight (the crosshair), the current designated ground target, altitude in feet and the direction of infrared homing for air-to-air missiles (if the indicator is crossed out, the IR seeker is out of the HMD display).

A HMD also displays information about the onboard radiation warning system, which includes the name of the radiating source, the direction to the source indicated by a diamond, and the line of sight relative to the aircraft, shown as a missing arc on a circle. In addition to this, you can now stabilize the targeting system by simply looking at a ground target and pressing your key. These are the best electronics for those of you who love the F-16, and we hope you’ll appreciate them!

  1. Radar Warning System source signal:
    • name of the vehicle.
    • signal direction — diamond.
    • view positioning — a gap in the circle.
  2. Current G-force.
  3. Indicated air speed, kn.
  4. View direction.
  5. Crosshair.
  6. Acquired target (when strikethrough — the target is out the HMD).
  7. Altitude, ft.
  8. Seeker direction (when strikethrough — the seeker is out of the HMD).
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Very nice!

Is there also a change in logic for the attitude of the missiles after launch? For the Freccia, every second Spike goes high after launch, regardless of the distance to the target. The rest always approach the target at a level flight.


This is nice. I like the improvements always.
Now gib the sales Gaijin! :P

What’s wrong with France Gaijin? Does it make you feel self-conscious? Because all (or almost all) nations get ships at rank 5 or 6 and France gets an English daube at rank 1.

Are you good at mathematics Gaijin? I think so, so let’s do a little operation, Number of ships rank 5 and 6 (tree + prem):

US: 14
Germany: 9
Japan: 11
GB: 9
IT : 9
France: 2

You’re really going to have to go back to school, guys…
France is already ranked 5/6, but when 3/4 of the world’s nations get new ships, even if they can make a decent lineup, while France needs ships it just gets a rank 1 that isn’t even French, it’s really provocative…

EDIT : By the way, Gaijin, when you copied and pasted “La Combattante” you didn’t even change the crew’s English voices to French…


@Stona_WT , why was there no skill bonus added to Air SB? the rewards are already crippling compared to the other game mode, this is very disappointing.

There are a lot of people in the community to only fly SB, which is more difficult than RB and it is extremely frustrating to do really well in a game an got get anything compared to the other game modes.

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I am not sure if your tone is suited to change their view on things.

And frankly spoken rank V and VI are WW2 ranks, the French Navy has zero relevance for WW2.

It’s a very American vision 😂 it’s true that “Dunkerque” and “Richelieu” and “Algerie” and many others have nothing to do with the Second World War…


This is the gateway to more wonderful things… Can’t wait to see that new map technology…

Bring on the CDK update!

Do they actually pen the ships, or just explode on teh surface?