New family page + problems

I recently made a new family page on the war thunder wiki(WZ551 (Family) - War Thunder Wiki) on the WZ-551(in the family is the AFT-10, PLT-02 and WMA301). However nothing seems to have loaded

However when i enter edit mode my stuff is shown

can someone explain this pls? Also next update when the ZSL-92 is added add it to this family page.
Thank you.

ill give it a look

testing dont mind

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is there a minimum word limit for wiki pages to show text in WT wiki?

Thanks for the effort!

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shows after the first load but not the consecutive nexts

New pages and changes to existing pages must be β€œapproved” by a moderator before they are displayed as the default version. In the initial case, the new page had no approved version, so it was displayed as blank.

There is no restriction on minimum length of a wiki page.