New F-15's stock loadout

Su-27 got stock R-73.
F-15 should have best IR missile by default too.
Especially in case of F-15J kai which didn’t even use 9L or 9M.

9L at 13.0 is just a joke. It’s like heatfs in top-tier game got rid of for an important reason


I don’t think is just an issue for the F-15, it’s an issue for everyone other than the Flanker. But yes, either give more of the 9Ls stock, or give better ones stock


I am not sure if all other jets from this update had 9M as stock but in general yes.
IRCCM missiles should be stock for high BR like we got rid of HEATFS and made APFSDS default.
Imagine if only soviet top-tier mbt had stock apfsds while everyone else had to suffer thru useless at that br shell lol


We actually had that for quite a while but it was Britain and Sweden with stock APFSDS.
It does suck that most planes get stuck with weaker missiles though, if they really want to give us older missiles leave them as mods but give us stock 9Ms.


All aircraft shoud have either the full suite of worse IR missiles unlocked stock, or a limited number of its better IR missiles stock


To be entirely fair to the Brits, they genuinely didn’t use HEAT-FS on a lot of their tanks, and so it was historical rather than anything else. Though I will say having to fire L23A1 on a current day tank hurts me inside.

Regardless, given you’re gonna see people with ARHs, it’s not unreasonable to be given IRCCM missiles to help you out at top tier.

Only thing worse would be expecting someone to go guns only

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Yeah 9L with all the new missiles and Countermeasures that are going to be spammed will make the use of the 9L really difficult. So 9M stock would be fair.

It isn’t about “anything but the Flanker”, it’s the fact that these vehicles are using AIM-9s specifically. At the moment there is a large gap in capability between 9L and 9M, though there are bridging models that increase on the 9L’s capabilities. The only thing the Soviets had that was a step down is the R-60M, which is already pretty bad for 12.3-12.7, let alone 13.0.

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to be perfectly honest the reason why the AIM-9L is the stock missile is that it still can track if people are stupid with the countermeasures. if the engine is too hot the 9L will still track and splash the plane it was sent on regardless of countermeasures, but having the R-60M in its current state go up to 13.0 would be about as useful as the current SRAAM on the harrier GR.1. in a uptier to 10.7.