New camouflages for L-62 ANTI II

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The camouflages for the current L-62 ANTI II is not Historically accurate to the vehicle, therefor new camouflages for it should be introduced and replace the Swedish ones. The Swastika on the vehicles can simply be replaced the current symbol of the Maavoimat

Quick history: The swastika was officially taken into use after an order by Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim on 18 March 1918. The FAF (Finnish Air Force) changed its aircraft insignia. A Black swastika variant was later adopted, as marking for Finnish military vehicles. After 1944 due to an Allied Control Commission decree which prohibited fascist organizations, the FAF had “quietly stopped” using the symbol in the emblem of the Air Force Command, due to its similarity to the swastika of the Third Reich

Standard camouflage: Similar to other Finnish Stock Camouflages.
Finnish camoFinnish camo 2

Tricolour camouflage: Also similar to the current in game camouflage.
Finnish camo 4
All angles

2nd Tricolour Camouflage: (NEW) Vaguely Resembles Soviet Forest camouflages.
Finnish camo 3