New CAM.TAC. camofluge for French Ground vehicles

A new Camouflage has been unveiled at Bastille Day 2023!

This camoflauge will be a very nice addition for all rank 5-6 ground vehicles of the french ground forces tech tree!

Arme de terre plans on making 3 versions so far :

European Camouflage:
made up of two tones of green. The so-called black spruce green, and the dark green, inherited from the former Center Europe camouflage which proved effective in the past.

Desert camouflage, alternating two shades of brown, medium and light.

The snow camouflage that adds white and gray, already listed in the Norm. Def. 001, the then Ministry of Defence document titled “Colours for the French Ministry of Defence” and first published in March 2009.


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I prefere GJ adding CE camouflage (like current CARC)…