New Afterburners

Hello there, i have some problems with the new afterburners. In general i think it is perfect to be able to adjust the amount of afterburner you want to have but the problem is with the Tornado ids.
The Tornado ids is an allready hard to fly/master plane. The best thing you can do is bombing bases. So my problem is that, if i want to bomb a base I need to be there quite quickly. With the new afterburners at 110% this plan can fly with max fuel not even to your own bases (53min fuel becom less than 7min flight time). SO now you would probably suggest to not fly with 110%, more with like 105%. Problem with that ist that you only can fly mach 1 to mach 1.01 with 105% up to 107%, which makes you increadible slow and most of the times your mates are just faster. Problem with that is, that the bugged base respawns take around 6-7 min (remember that is as long as you cant max fly with 110% afterburner. Maybe I just didnt found the right ammount of afterburner jet but in this state the plane is even more useless than before the changes.
If anyone has some tips, besuides not flying it, pls tell me :)

New Afterburners?. 110 used to be when it was max. They simply changed it from words to 110.

If you miss the “first run” for bases (you immediately notice it after a couple of minutes), you can turn off the afterburner, wait a bit at the edge of the map and then reengage the afterburner when the bases respawn.

there’s no real need to keep the afterburner constalty on.

That said, you also have drop tanks.

The afterburners aren’t new. They already has 101-110%. It just didn’t display it before. Now it does.


The chance of bombing a base drops with that strategy but i guess its the only possible thing to do rn. If I use the drop tanks i can only take 8 Bombs, which isnt enough for 2 bases but ill try it out.
Thx for the help

then it is an bug, i cant fly for like 3 mins with afterburners after the Upddate. Maybe i should write to gaijin.

Seems more like an issue on your hand for trying to use it for over 3 straight minutes.

well, if there are 10 F4 Phantoms with full bomb load in front of you you’re not gonna make it anyway. Better turn off the afterburner, maybe even set the engine to 40-50% and hide somewhere while waiting for the bases to respawn.

If you are unlikely to be able to get a first spawn base. Immediately switch to fuel conservation. Throttle down to 90% and edge-skirt. Only throttle up when you need to, especially when you make your attack run.

Also, run fuel tanks. Yes, you can carry enough bombs for 2x Base kills, but unless you can consistantly get 2x Base kills, then its just a waste of weight. Run 6x Mk83s or 5x Mk13s (if its the Gr1) and 2x fuel tanks insteads. Focus on getting one kill each match reliably instead trying to get 2.