New AA radar?

hello can someone explain what is purpose of new circles on AA radar?

Almost zero info to go off of. If you are talking about the bright green band, that is a visual bug where the radar ping wraps around the the whole dish.

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if i know what it is i would not ask :D

I was hoping for at least a picture or something.

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Isn’t it a representation of ground echo?

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is possible

Whenever I get it, it is a standard radar ping that wrapped around the radar display. The ring will move as the plane gets further or closer to you.

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There is also a bug that prevents some SPAA from locking with IRST or SRC when the search radar antenna is turned off, like FlaRakPz, XM975, or the FlaRakRad, Pantsir-S1, etc. I didn’t check, but I guess all the SPAAs with Tracking Radar are broken. Their tracking radars are still active but cannot be used when the antenna is folded.


yes i noticed some time enemy aircraft don’t show on radar , lot of bugs in new pach

Wasn’t that the case always?

I never ever got IRST to work if the radar was off. I could lock with radar and switch to IRST, but that didn’t silence the radar, iirc…

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No, it was working until the release of the “Seek & Destroy” update. I was able to maintain the IRST and SRC lock with the antenna folded, although they specifically added that ability to the Roland turrets if I remember correctly. They also posted a changelog that gives us this exact ability that was missing on those SPAAs back in the day. I am currently searching for it; I’ll edit this message or respond to you again with the link if I find it.
War Thunder "Direct Hit - Changelog - Updates - Game - War Thunder.

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It should look more like this ;)


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