Netz: Kit and BR Discussion

Objectively, the Netz 12.3 BR (Feb 2024) makes no logical sense.

  1. Historically, the Netz could/likely had AIM-9Ms in its arsenal. In 1982 the INetz achieved 5 air-to-air kills utilizing the AIM-9 [Netz 107 - Wikipedia]. And while the variant isn’t identified in the wikipedia article, it is reasonable to assume they were the AIM-9M variant because the 9M went into production in 1981 “The new and improved missile was designated AIM-9M and would be put into production in 1981” [AIM-9M Sidewinder - War Thunder Wiki]

So, it is my belief the Netz should have access to the AIM-9M and have its BR bumped to 12.7 if it were to get the addition of these IRCCM missiles.

  1. Comparing the Netz to every single 12.3 fighter aircraft in the game (currently Feb 2024), the Netz is the only one to NOT have IRCCM missiles.

F-15A : Has access to AIM-9M; BR = 12.3
F-15J : Has access to AIM-9M and AAM-3; BR = 12.3
Baz: Has access to AIM-9M; BR = 12.3
Mirage 2000-5F : Has access to Matra R550 Magic; BR = 12.3
Mirage 4000: Has access to Matra R550 Magic; BR = 12.3

Considering this BR comparison, and the historical capabilities of the Netz airframe [General Dynamics F-16A block 10 Fighting Falcon]. The ability to carry the AIM-9M on the Netz should be added to the game, along with a BR bump to 12.7 to account for the addition of IRCCM capabilities.

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hmm, for me who play a lot of Israel Air, Python 3 still great. I never did used Aim 9M to all airplane that got Python3. Yes, it lack of IRCM but that pointless when fire at the rear of the aircraft that clearly see the exhaust and range around 1km.

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You are correct. Within 1km the python 3 doesn’t care about flares. Would still like the option of IRCCM, especially considering the Netz likely used 9M during combat

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As much as I disagree with the current BR placement of the Netz (the F-16AJ has the same FM, equal kit but is at 12.0?) I think that it’s alright where it is, Python 3’s are probably the best non-IRCCM missile in game and in some cases perform better then AIM-9Ms.

Maybe they could give it the slightly later upgrade that increases the CM count which would enhance the Netz’s survivability in this IRCCM missile meta.


i like python more then 9M. surely, if this update Israel didn’t get aim120 or derby thee it should get python4. it’s already in game like 2 patch now.