Netz at 12.3? Needs aim 7

I’m curious why the Netz is at 12.3? The plane has 11.3 missiles (mediocre python 3) with no access to radar missiles! This plane should have access to aim 9m and aim 7 to make it a 12.3, as it sits it should be 11.7

It’s a block 10 Viper - it doesn’t have the avionics to use SARH missiles.

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How can you say Python 3s are 11.3 missiles? They are better than the 9Ls and R60Ms the 12.0 gen4s get. The Kurnass 2000 is undertiered regardless, it should be 11.7, in which case there wouldn’t be any 11.3 vehicles with python-3s lol…


The pythons are also on the kfir c7, they are not a good missile, they will chase any flare within sight and they seem to take forever to start tracking, the 9m is far superior along with the r73 that has thrust vectoring and will hit every time within a mile. Every other nations 12.3 jets have a better ir missile and have radar missiles as well.

That’s understandable then but it should at least have the 9m or be a lower br because on paper this plane is lacking compared to other 12.3 planes

Fair enough, I didn’t know that.

They are significantly better than the IR missiles any other nation has at 11.3. Or 11.7. Or even 12.0.

Yeah, only the 9M, AAM3 and R-73 outclass it, with the 73 being the only missile lower than 12.3.

Technically neither should the F-16C since its a block 52 and CW illumination wasn’t used after like the 25

Dont forget about Aim-9M on the Harrier Gr7 and AV-8B+ at 11.7. But yeah the R-73 is still found much lower at 11.0

Also as far as I am aware, the Gripen C also lacked the ability to guide SARH (even the Gripen A is a maybe I think).

I think these days, they’ve just scrapped that requirement until ARH get added

You don’t need CW illuminators to guide 7Ms

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But we’re talking about 12.3, of all versions of the f-16 at 12.3 are superior in firepower

On planes that would normally be a 10.0 if not for the missiles

Su-25BM maybe. Su-39/Su-25T. only if they removed most of their A2G loadouts (basically turning them into Su-25Ks)

I never see them so apologies for the miss.

Magic 2 anyone is 11.3
Has the same IRCCM as R73

Yeah, they are CAS and both on minor nations. They can be potent in the right hands, but have obvious limitations of being subsonics at 11.7.

Modified F-16A Block 10 IR SRAAM from Rafael but none avionics CW illuminators to use SARH MRAAM, or you play F-15A Baz

F-16A Netz reduce to 12.0 again ?

Because GAIJIN felt it carried enough junk Python 3 missiles to fight in 12.3


Netz, Barak should have at least Python 4 missile as IAF was using them on both aircraft. Plus the Israeli tech tree should get the Sufa with Python 5ths that are in use.

All Netz Block 10 were upgraded to the level of F-16C/D in 1992. Only the F100 engine remained the same. Cockpit and avionics is equal. GJ got it in its original form.

F-16C are in service in IAF. No clue why GJ did not add it.

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