Netherlands - Leopard 2A6M for (USA)

Since Germany is getting a Canadian “Leopard 2A4M” should USA get a Netherlands “Leopard 2A6M”? Because Germany isn’t even near Canada. And Netherlands isn’t near USA

womp womp, stay salty


I’m just saying that, but i don’t really care what’s up

This makes no sense what so ever, period. The reason Germany got the CAN Leopard wasn’t because on how close they are to each others borders, its because Germany had a Somewhat helping hand in the making of the CAN Leopard.

The Dutch Leopard 2A6M will most likely if anything will be going to France if France gets the BeNeLux Ground force sub-tech in near future. Not to America, it had nothing to do with it, so why would it make any sense?

I ain’t trying to be harsh to you my guy but this, this idea right here, it makes no sense at all.


well said

? i don’t get it why would we get a leopard because canada is near us? If anything the K1 and K2 black panther should go to the u.s

Good point

germany needs this a6 T^T,korea tech-tree can be added to usa

Why and wtf ?

Next update the belenux would be in France tech tree.

You already have an Australian Abram, the same issue about the PL and now the Canadian leopard. It’s fine like that.

KMW built the 2a4M CAN and the 2a4M and 2a4M CAN are basically the same vehicle because no one bought a different modification of the 2a4M so they are just calling it the 2a4M CAN. There are a lot of KMW and Rheinmetall upgrade variants that can be still added besides the 2a4M, but they chose to finally add the 2a4M now ig.