Nerf Japan planes

I play as aviations and in rank 2 and above no fighter jets and one country stand above others beside Soviet Union is Japan. Even Soviet planes struggle against Jap planes in hight attitude and making Jap planes in lower BR even deadly in some maps. Either you need to rework the maps or nerf the Jap planes so that equal fighting is possible.

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you better not be trying to turn fight them as that is their specialty


If you played Japanese airplanes you would know this is not true. Sure there are players who try to turnfight Zero in Thunderbolt but if you get skilled pilot in Bf109 or Spitfire, he can send you back to school.


are you answering me?
If it’s me, yes, I’ve played some battles with Japan.
Any player who knows how to play and knows the planes in the game will not have any kind of problem against a zero, the problem is that they don’t know the planes.

Are you playing in Arcade or Realistic, in arcade planes all have very similar performance, in realistic they perform closer to how they did irl

If you are playing in arcade the best advice I can give is to avoid fighting Japanese planes because i dunno how they are there compared to other planes

if you are playing realistic then the best advice I can give is as follows;

Avoid turn fighting with Japanese planes, they are some of the most manoeuvrable planes in the game but have the downsides of lower speed, usually worse armaments than their contemporaries, and low survivability (the majority of Japanese planes pre-Cold War lack self-sealing fuel tanks or much in the way of armour) so the best way to fight them is what is known as ‘boom and zoom’ you should spend your time climbing to gain an altitude advantage, then you dive on the plane you want to shoot. You might miss your first pass, but if you do you can simply pull back up and zoom away as you should be faster than them.

TLDR; Don’t turn with Japanese planes, you need to outspeed them and dive on them, also just general learning of the various planes in the game you’ll either use or face will help you a lot now and in the future


Look, I’m sorry but that’s just a pile of hocky-pucks. To say that RB has wider margins is true and is less forgiving your not wrong, but to say that in Arcade all planes are equal is absolute fiction. Fire up an Arcade match, and engage an A6M7 in a low altitude turn battle with a P-47 and test your assertion. You will notice how much it still resembles chasing a Jaguar with a Dump Truck even in Arcade … 😑

Although i see most of your post as very helpful for newer players, things are a little bit more complicated. Speed is the key. The problem with BnZ attacks is that the guys attacking A6Ms or Japanese planes have usually not enough speed whilst attacking and zoom out too steep - and get killed whilst extending. So Boom and run is depending on the speed difference often the better choice.

Japanese Rank II planes are not easy to fight and stuff like the J2M2s and Ki-44s have rather limited weaknesses and despite they turn compared to a Ki- 43 or A6M much worse, they are still able to best most of potential enemies due to excellent climb and still good turn.

Besides that equal fighting capabilities should be (at least in theory) ensured by proper BR settings - there is imho no need to nerf japanese planes any further.

If you try to compare technical performance data (speed, climb, turn) and the available armament you might realize that besides the J2M2 and both Ki-44s the Japanese fighters are highly overtiered. The 3.3 Ki 61 is a very good plane too, but if you compare it with a P-63 A-5 at the same BR you might see that the plane is not overtiered.

Idk what you mean with maps?


im speaking from the view of someone who hasn’t played arcade in a very long time, like the last time i played arcade there wasn’t tanks in game yet. So excuse my ignorance on that regard, I just know that in arcade the models are not as accurate and from what i remembered all flew very similar outside of things like B-17s vs Bf 109s

—> Ban


In some maps you need to fly higher like around 4000m with mountains to have some advantage on your target unless you doing ground targets of course. Maps like Top of the World or Mountain Gorge is that planes design for high air battle can make difference. I’m not saying that you can’t beat you enemy in Japanse planes but I only fight them when they are on below 2000m where I can still beat them off.

Ahh - an Arcade specific issue. Sry dude - i play Air RB only, so i have zero clue about arcade maps.

What I strongly recommend, is that your main goal vs Jap planes should be to avoid getting outclimbed by them at any cost. Spotting an A6M above you is no death sentence, but it takes ages to neutralize or equalize their energy advantage. Without sufficient altitude in order to lure them into a dive on you (they lose a hell of energy if they dive above their comparably low top speed), it is otherwise guaranteed that they will catch and kill you if you are not fast enough.

Btw - low alt fights against JP or RU planes are imho a recipe for disaster. Above 8 km you immune against all of them - at least up to rank III - there is a reason why they were almost useless against B-29s… You outrun all of them, they only threat i face in Air RB in my B-18B (4.0) from both nations is the 5.0 I-225. All others are simply too slow.

Most Japanese fighters/interceptors have low to mid acceleration and low top speed.

For most of them, their only gimmick is turnfighting. Just don’t turnfight them or get baited into any kind of maneuver fight and maintain your speed and energy advantage - That way you can dictate the fight or simply be on your way.

Lot of Japanese fighters, namely many Zeroes, are already overtiered. Stop trying to beat a dead horse.


I never asked for that, your response however was so over the top toxic it mandated someone speak up. Look it’s a forum, I amongst many think the opinions of some are complete inane selfish trash. Also, there are some veteran members in the community who I think are over the top Divas and self important Ass-hats, BUT they have just as much right to be here and voice their opinions as do I or anyone. No one however has the right to engage in profane toxic or racist abuse that violates community rules, no matter how passionately you disagree. And don’t be so convinced you are right either, everyone can always learn from someone else.


honestly seems like a skill issue.


So in general Japanese Planes are very meneuverable but very fragile and have lower top speed. So boom and zoom should be your tactic. However, most Japan Players are very experienced seal clubers and know how to abuse the broken (arguable, but thats how i see it) flight model of japanese planes or rather UFOs

If you attack them with sufficiently high speed advantage, so that you can extend away after the failed attack (and it will fail if the zero Pilot is experienced) your control surfaces will stiffen and you will not be able to get guns on them because they can turn on the spot. As a russian plane you will probably simply break your wings. If it is a 1 on 1 and you stay disciplined then the duel will most likely end with a draw unless one of you runs out of fuel. An sufficiently experienced japanes pilot will be able to dodge your boom and zooms forever, but at the same time will have barely any chance to kill you.

If you attack them with not enough speed advantage to be able to extend away safely and miss your shot, you will not get a second chance. They will turn on the spot and then outaccelerate you. It is always fascinating how these planes lose so little speed while doing 360 degree turns.

Your best bet is to attack them together with you team mates. That makes them easy pray, because they cannot run away.

Gaijin has chosen to simply increase the BR and repair costs of these planes instead of giving them a realistic flight model or nerfing their energy retention.


ok so the A6M “Zero” was built to be as light as possible which makes it manuverable


Ya’ll haven’t faced a competent BF-109 E1 pilot yet.


Skill issue, literally. get gud.


Exactly! But instead of getting gud some people just keep flying easy mode Zeros.

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Learn to fight them, don’t complain about them being OP.