Nerf AIM-54

Anyone think the AIM-54 A/C should be nerfed it’s too over-powered especially for the MiGs pls nerf it

Are you new to top tier?




No, they are pretty awful missiles and SARH are much more deadly than the AIM-54s.


Git gud kid.
Getting tired of seeing your plentiful amount of low IQ forum posts here. The Aim-54 is far from being a problem, learn to use multi-pathing and learn to, as Alvis already said, dodge


Make a “suggestion” for idk a premium german mig21bis with R-74 that you copypastad from wikipedia again or something.
Hard cope buddy


You’re joking right?
I’m not sure about AIM-54Cs but AIM-54As are idiot filters.
They’re absolutely worthless against anyone that isn’t afk or below level 10 and bought their way to top tier.


From what i understand, the current 54c in game is basically the exact same as the 54a. I think the 54c had a smokeless motor irl which would give it a good sized buff.

Both the A and C are significantly underperforming, but the C is much worse - it should have a reduced smoke motor (not smokeless?), it should have 25G overload, it should have much less drag and higher top speed at mach 5, it should have greater range because the AoA fin buff made it even draggier making it achieve an ahistorically lower range, it should have better kinematics due to a different rocket motor, it should be much better against ground and sea hugging targets

don’t forget, that it should loft way more.
Like over the hight limit of the game…

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Why are MiG’s in greater danger or alike to a long range missile, designed to kill bombers, than other, similarily manouvrebal fighters?

Don’t fly in a straight line at high altitude

Please for the love of god never post again you can literally just fly at 100m in a straight line and they miss i genuinely don’t understand how people fail at learning the most basic way to 99% of the time invalidate SARH or ARH from doing anything to you

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Bro the Aim-54 goes everywhere but the target. The audacity you guys have to say “it is a Fox 3 so therefore it is op☝️🤓” it is a literal pole that pulls 10G’s from time to time


If i made a forum post for every time i died to AIM54 I’d have 1 post, which is a pretty low amount, like it was said earlier, they miss even if you fly straight 90% of the time.

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You know what i dont even care if your stats are somehow this bad please reconsider the nursing home as an option how does someone manage a 0.1 k/d in an abrams this is genuinely a feat truly king of the US mains


height limit? of the game?

Having less than a 1:1 KD while having a 60+% win ratio on the MiG-23ML makes zero sense XD.


yeah that tells me all i need to know about OP

the worst part is that these people unironically believe that their opinion matters in the slightest


Winrate is a meaningless stat ive got like a 2 k/d average in the US 6.7 line but an average 35% winrate, being good doesnt mean your team of blue enemies are good and vise versa